Updating Vivaldi causes my extensions to disappear and my settings to be reset to defaults

  • Mac for sure, maybe also Windows. but I am not about to update my Windows laptop yet because of what JUST happened on my Mac mini.

    I just updated my Mac to 2.5.1525.41. Mac mini, late 2012, running Mojave (10.14.4).

    I am NOT a happy camper.

    And just so you guys are aware, since all my installed extensions disappeared and now need to be reinstalled, but you chose to bundle LastPass with this version of your browser... you should know that the reason I now use 1Password is because LastPass ends up getting breached at least once every year. You should drop LastPass like a hot potato.

    Anyhow... I was discussing Mozilla's recent issue with the expired certificates, which caused some grief since Firefox used to be my default browser until about a week ago, and a friend very emphatically recommended Vivaldi. I tried it and I loved it, but if this problem isn't fixed, I'll happily go back to Firefox.

    I can't figure out how you guys missed this bug.

  • @stevesobol
    Hi, there is no extension bundled with Vivaldi and your reset/remove extensions error never happen to me since 4 Years of Vivaldi usage on several Windows/Linux systems.
    But I don´t think it is a OSX issue, do you have used the official Vivaldi version or may download from other place?

    Cheers, mib


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