Wrong website is accessed after copy pasting URL

  • Steps to reproduce:

    • I open a new tab
    • Paste a copied link in the address bar
    • Press Enter.

    Expected result: Link I copy-pasted is accessed.

    Actual result: The last keyword of the link is accessed as a website.


    Repro is pretty low but it does happen often enough to notice it. I searched and didn't find it reported.

    Using the last stable version.

  • I can't reproduce, all links you posted go correctly to the locations once pasted in a new tab address bar.
    I suspect you have some extension interfering with Vivaldi.

  • Ok I reproduced it, I tried it a bunch of times until it happened again and paid attention to this "random" bug.

    This happens because while switching from Ctrl+T to Ctrl+V, I keep pressed the Ctrl button and then I press Enter pretty fast before I can lift the Ctrl button.

    So it does Ctrl+Enter on the link.

    • Press Ctrl+T to open a new tab.
    • Switch to Ctrl+V to paste the link.
    • Press Enter fast, before un-pressing the Ctrl button.

    This issue does not happen in Chrome however.

  • Moderator

    No redirection.
    URL 1 shows a cat
    URL 2 displays the millionaire M. Gibson

    It seems the issue lies on your Network.

  • @lamarca said in Wrong website is accessed after copy pasting URL:

    No redirection.
    URL 1 shows a cat
    URL 2 displays the millionaire M. Gibson

    It seems the issue lies on your Network.

    It seems you misunderstood the bug, perhaps I was not clear enough in my second post. The issue is not with a network redirection after I paste some links.

    The issue is that if you copy-paste a link in the address bar and press CTRL+ENTER instead of just ENTER, Vivaldi creates a different address with words from my link, instead of the one I copy pasted.

    For example:

    Also happens in Incognito mode.

    Issue does not occur in Chrome. If you press CTRL+ENTER it opens the address and does not create a new one based on words from the link, like Vivaldi does.

  • Ok, tried and it seems a bug to me, ctrl-enter should change the TLD of the current url (according to settings/address bar/domain expansion) and go to the root of the site currently in the address bar, removing everything after the site address, but if the address isn't already entered it removes the actual site address from the url you're pasting leaving the rest, which at this point it's just garbage, and tries to go to that url.
    For now you can work around it by removing all the TLDs in the domain expansion field, so ctrl-enter won't be a bother for you anymore.

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    Everything is possible. However if you want to visit slashdot and end up at zappa.com .....

    Back to the topic:


    I can confirm the issue. File a bug. You will be given a number (VB-xxxxxx), please post here for our follow up and I will also confirm it.


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