Enable HW decode in Vivaldi for Linux (Win and Mac have it!)

  • Hi. This question is for Vivaldi Linux Team. As you know, Vivaldi is build on Chromium. Chromium have HW decode enabled in default on Windows and Mac but for Linux build is disabled because some GPU drivers making issues with this. So, as you also know, in Linux we have all gpu options disabled in flags on -GPU blacklist, so If we enable it, all gpu hw should works, but it not true, because chromium developers make hw decode on linux "hard" disable, so we can't enable it with flags even chrome:gpu shows us all options to hw (green). So, Is solution for this, but devs need compile browser with enable it. As noted by Intel's developer, can unlock the flag for Linux and will not cause problems! Why? Because, by default we have included -GPU-blacklist and it disables all hw-gpu. So, who would want to turn the HW Decode he would be able to do it except -gpu-blacklist. By default, would continue as it is now included! Here is chromium topic with this response: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=137247#c22 Also we have special PPA for Ubuntu with Chromium build with enabled HW Decode on Linux and works fine: https://launchpad.net/~saiarcot895/+archive/ubuntu/chromium-dev So, what I need? - compile linux vivaldi with enabled hw decode - this make no change for typical linux vivaldi users because all hw options is disabled by --gpu-blackist - who want use it, can run without --gpu-blackist and have also hw decode on Linux like other users have on Windows and Mac. This is not cause any issues for users who use vivaldi. PS. Ruari I know, you read this forum, can you look at this? Please : :unsure:

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    Thanks for bugreport of Bug VB-7895.

    If Ruarí has enough time he'll have a look at it.

  • @gwen-dragon Hi, is there any progress on this? With 4k videos becoming more popular it is a real show stopper for linux users that no browser supports hardware video decoding. Vivaldi could be the first.
    Recent Kaby Lake laptops even have VP9 codec support, which reduces, at least in my case, cpu usage from 350% to 25% when watching 4k videos.

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    HW decode is enabled in Linux long time ago.

    @gwen-dragon said in Enable HW decode in Vivaldi for Linux (Win and Mac have it!):


    I do not know if this bug is relevant anymore as it was reported before first 1.0 Final.

  • @gwen-dragon Hi, thanks for your reply. Maybe it is enabled, but vivaldi definitely does not use hardware video decoding on Linux. CPU usage for watching a VP9 encode 4k video on youtube is 350-400% on my system, same video with mpv (which uses hardware decoding via vaapi) uses 25% CPU.

    Reading through the forums the discussion is always the same scheme:

    1. Somebody says hw decoding does not work
    2. Somebody says "but it's enabled"
    3. Somebody explains that it is enabled, but still not used
    4. Somebody makes a bug report
    5. Thread dies.

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    Please give the developers a chance to check it!

    May be this issue is a bug.
    Please read How to Report a bug for Vivaldi carefully and then report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.
    Wait for report mail

    1. Attach content output of vivaldi://gpu
    2. Attach information about Linux, GPU, CPU and graphics drivers
    3. Start Vivaldi with media logging
      visit the page which has issues
      play video for some minutes
      close Vivaldi
      vivaldi --enable-logging=stderr --vmodule=*/platform_media*=7,*/media/*=3 2> vivaldi-media.log
      attach media log
    4. Send reply mail to bug tracker

  • @gwen-dragon On which linux platforms hardware accelerated video is known to work? Then I would try testing it on one of those.

  • @cran Are you using a Nvidia GPU? Cause the (proprietary) drivers on Linux doesn't actually offer VP9 acceleration, like they do on Windows. You can check this in the NVIDIA X Server Settings under VDPAU information. I don't know if this is the case on AMD and Intel GPUs though.

  • @davikar Thanks for the tip, but no, I use an Intel HD 615 and it is very well supported on Linux. va-api works like a charm, including VP9 decoding, just not from any browser.

    I currently run Ubuntu bionic beta, which has recently switched to libva2. That's why I'd like to know which linux os is supported, so I can try it out. I am lucky enough to have access to another laptop of the same model and I could install any linux distribution on it just for generating this bug report. But I can't do that if I do not know which combination of OS/Browser is supposed/known to work with video hardware acceleration.

    It seems there is a lot of confusion about video hardware acceleration in browsers in the whole linux community.

  • May I kindly ask again which Linux platform is supported regarding hardware accelerated video playback? I can then run the required test and, if my issue persists, submit a proper bug report.


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