Enable HW decode in Vivaldi for Linux (Win and Mac have it!)

  • Hi. This question is for Vivaldi Linux Team. As you know, Vivaldi is build on Chromium. Chromium have HW decode enabled in default on Windows and Mac but for Linux build is disabled because some GPU drivers making issues with this. So, as you also know, in Linux we have all gpu options disabled in flags on -GPU blacklist, so If we enable it, all gpu hw should works, but it not true, because chromium developers make hw decode on linux "hard" disable, so we can't enable it with flags even chrome:gpu shows us all options to hw (green). So, Is solution for this, but devs need compile browser with enable it. As noted by Intel's developer, can unlock the flag for Linux and will not cause problems! Why? Because, by default we have included -GPU-blacklist and it disables all hw-gpu. So, who would want to turn the HW Decode he would be able to do it except -gpu-blacklist. By default, would continue as it is now included! Here is chromium topic with this response: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=137247#c22 Also we have special PPA for Ubuntu with Chromium build with enabled HW Decode on Linux and works fine: https://launchpad.net/~saiarcot895/+archive/ubuntu/chromium-dev So, what I need? - compile linux vivaldi with enabled hw decode - this make no change for typical linux vivaldi users because all hw options is disabled by --gpu-blackist - who want use it, can run without --gpu-blackist and have also hw decode on Linux like other users have on Windows and Mac. This is not cause any issues for users who use vivaldi. PS. Ruari I know, you read this forum, can you look at this? Please : :unsure:

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    Thanks for bugreport of Bug VB-7895.

    If Ruarí has enough time he'll have a look at it.

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