Hows about looking at having Vivaldi on BSD and maybe Amiga OS systems?

  • Is there any chance of some kind of Vivaldi project on BSD, AmigaOS or any other operating system other than just Linux, Mac, Windows etc?

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    I suspect you would be looking at Amiga OS4 systems for something this modern, however as Vivaldi is not open source it would mean Vivaldi would need to see some use for employing a now rare bunch of developers.
    Cross-platform SDKs are an option but I doubt it would be straight forward.
    I could be wrong, as I have seen many useful Linux tools ported to Amiga over the years, but they end not to be so heavy duty.

  • Amiga OS 4.1 is a nice operating system but the only problem is that it doesn't utilize multicore and only works as a single core system whilst it doesn't seem like they're going to re-do it to suit multicore use. This is why they always also push Linux with the AmigaOne X5000 etc. Well why pay so much for a computer to just run Linux? If they could get an AmigaOS running multicore then this would be a machine I'd be switching to. I don't know if MorphOS is multicore able?

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