What your browser before you switched to Vivaldi?

  • I am assuming that the forum users are hardcore, power users who fawned at the sight of Vivaldi and its host of functionalities, all the while keeping the Chrome store and hence, switched over to it on-sight. I was reluctant to use it at first being the resource hog that comes with being based on Chromium engine [Correct me if I am wrong]. Still, it looks promising! A breadth of fresh air after being tired of Firefox/Chrome! Which browser did you use before you joined the cult of Vivaldi [not to be confused with the musical extremists]? I use Firefox primarily [Chrome was too much for my XP/ten year old PC to handle + slow]. I think Maxthon is an excellent alternative for power users. How about you?

  • Good poll, but I have not switched to Vivaldi.

  • Opera since last millenium. Direct after IE installed something without asking or notifying me.
    IE still in use for when running in to Opera incompatilble websites and firefox or chrome can not solve the problem.
    opera 12 as main browser, opera 32 beta to see where opera is going and vivaldi because I hope it will be a good opera 12 replacement.

  • Opera 12 -> Firefox -> ?

  • Opera 12, now Palemoon (not on your choices). I may or may not move to Vivaldi, but being based on Chromium probably not.

  • Didn't completly switched from Maxthon to Vivaldi, thanks to the Downloader and about:last (Last Tabs) features Maxthon haves and Vivaldi does not + userscrips and Stylish… that 4 things and chances are you don't even need to rush Extensions implementations...

  • I've used almost every popular major browser for more than a year before I found out about Vivaldi. The first was IE 6 on Windows XP, back then I just didn't knew any better, I used to install flashy cursors from the internet, fill my IE with toolbars of Google, Yahoo and the rest without ever using them and so on. Then I saw Firefox installed on a school computer so when I went home and gave it a try, I was blown away by how fast this thing was, that was around 2006, I fell in love with it, because of it's add-ons and flexibility. I've been using it ever since, till I heard about Google building their own browser, then I started checking it out from the first beta builds, before there was an extension store, it was so much faster than Firefox, which by that time had gotten bloated and slow, I've been using Chrome since then for a year or two, but then Chrome started getting bloated as well, I started getting more and more frustrated with not being able to find a lightweight browser that does the job for me and I have been jumping browsers ever since. The last browser that I actively used was Opera 15+, but even in the end it started annoying me, because the developers probably have no idea what they want to do with it, took them almost 4 months after the launch of Windows 10 to update Opera to make it look like Windows 10, not like Windows 95. When I expressed my concerns about Opera going the wrong direction, and having high hopes for Vivaldi, someone from their team told me "If you like Vivaldi, go post on their blog."

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