Startup Options on TP4 (Linux)

  • Thanks for the new startup options - really nice feature. A few things need improvement though: I am using Vivaldi on an Ubuntu 14.04 based distro and whenever I open Vivaldi it always opens in the same corner of my screen, not where I last closed it. It also does not save the dimensions of when it was last open, but some very inconvenient default that I always have to re-size. Lastly panel is always open at startup and then I have to close this too so that I have more space for browsing.

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    Very well-known bug.

  • So, devs should fix ASAP.

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    I imagine they're trying. With a thousand things to pay attention to, a substantially incomplete browser, and a brand-new, written-from-scratch UI using atypical technologies and architecture, it's perhaps not as simple as it looks.

    Frequently, when you fix one thing, you break something else.

  • I'm just gonna add something to try to help devs:
    I'm using a netbook with a second (primary) display, and sometimes when I open Vivaldi it just starts in fullscreen mode in the netbook's display instead of starting on my main display. Don't know if that helps, but I least I try.


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