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  • Hi my name is Ben Greenwood I'm new to Vivaldi (kinda) I've used a lot of browsers and I have some Ideas I would like to put forward. [center]I'm a designer I enjoy unique and creative aspects of a site. I would like to put forward the following: Hexagonal Dashboard - At the moment it's like every other Baidu, Mozilla etc. Having a different shape and layout would be awesome! File Upload and Sharing - Kinda like a built in Megashare Torrent part - Useful for various reasons and will attract a whole new audience Capture Screen - Not a recorder just a screen shot tool Calender - This would be a very useful part of the site, making it easy to set reminders so you don't forget etc More Font's - Not some big tacky font, just some nice simple. thin and effective font. Antivirus Built in Media download - MP4 and MP3 download, like Baidu give some competition against them Android & IOS Apps This is all I have for now - If I have anything else I would like to suggest I will update here! Thank You Vivaldi 🙂 [/center]

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    • Hexagonal Speed Dial: Square web pages do not easily render as hexagonal thumbnails, but some option to change the size and aspect ratio would be useful
    • FTP Upload and some way to share files like Opera Unite would be a great feature. I suspect that it's already on the long ToDo list
    • Torrent: Likewise, probably already on the ToDo list
    • Screen Capture: A waste of developers' time this one, but saving the webpage as an image may be easy to do. A utility that can catch the screen in any browser or any program is the way to go here, not one just for Vivaldi.
    • Calendar: I think you mean part of the suite, but if you mean part of there's a separate forum for those requests.
    • More Fonts: Nothing to do with the browser. Font are installed in the OS.
    • Anti-virus Built-in: Nothing to do with the browser. Anti-virus is installed for the OS.
    • Media Download: What's stopping you downloading media now?
    • Android & IOS Apps: I think these may already be planned but probably some way off yet.

  • i don't know about the torrent one. even when opera presto was in its heyday i always preferred utorrent. is it worth weighing down a browser for something most people don't use when a specialty program like utorrent likely does it better???

    there was a browser in india that had antivirus built in, it is now defunct.

    i'd like to see some sort of antiphishing built into it like opera presto did. vivaldi could set up something with opendns to match comodo's browser with comodo's dns. (for phishing protection). of course, it could be turned off like comodo's for those who dislike it.

    and perhaps a check download with virus total button, or an auto setting for this. something to compete with smartscreen or fireclam.

  • website raters seem very popular right now. vivaldi could build their own into the browser … make their own WOT or avast rater etc. given time with vivaldi's growing userbase and community, it could turn into an alternate revenue stream??? eventually they could break it off into a separate plugin for firefox and chrome if they wish.

  • I'm liking the browser very much! the only thing i'm missing is the ability to drag out tabs out of the main window to open a second instance, but so far it's treating me better than the -competitor- 😉

  • How about an option to only show the address-bar in the new-tab.. tab? One rarely uses it, but every now and then you need to have it visible. Using the Quick command view (F2 by default) is an ok workaround, but the option would be welcome.

  • Being able to set a refresh time per site would be nice. For example, I have a tv guide that I'd like to refresh say every half hour, but other sites I don't want to refresh automatically.

    And being able to specify 'small' for speed dial images would be good (like the SD Zoom setting in Opera 12). I have a great background that I want to see more.

    And a quick way to save current tabs as your 'homepage' - I'm currently using 'Start up with last session' but I've had problems in other browsers with this getting corrupted and losing my tabs, so every time I close my browsers I'm having to dig through the settings to manually set a list of URLs. (Love Opera 12 File > Sessions > Save this session)

    Oh, and Vivaldi seems to be missing the button most browsers have that quickly adds all current tabs to the list.

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    You can right-click a tab and there should be an option to save all as bookmarks. The only problem is that it's not saved as a folder and they are all saved in root.

  • Thanks for the suggestion An_dz, but bookmarks isn't the functionality I'm looking for. Might work for some people though.


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