YouTube is not shown properly in Full Screen mode

  • Hello.
    I am using the current stable Vivaldi version.
    I try to explain the problem:
    When the browser is not in full screen mode, and I click in YouTube to see the video in full screen I see the following view:
    The white bar is always visible. Normally the bar removes after few seconds.
    If I try to scroll down or up the view is changing to see only the white bar at the top of the window but without the hamburger menu and without the YouTube icon.
    But sometimes, I get the correct view.
    Don't understand this behaviour.
    I have this behaviour at two different PCs.

    Best Regards

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    @visma I have seen this too. It's rather annoying, but I think the fault lies with YouTube. They often do trial versions of their webpage which break things.

    What I've resorted to for now is to copy the URL and play the video using VLC Media Player, then I can fullscreen it properly.

  • @visma I get this all the time. Youtube has one button keyboard shortcuts, the one for going in and out of fullscreen is F. Hit it to go into fullscreen, if the white bar is there hit it again and then immediately hit it again. At some point the video will have fullscreen without the bar on top – works reliably for me. Sometimes on first try, sometimes on third. It's annoying but gladly not too annoying.

  • Thank you for your answer.
    I know this hotkey, but I never used it.
    Due to your recommendation I tried it out.
    And it is like you said. Sometimes works. Sometimes not.
    Thank you

  • @LonM Hi.
    Thank you for yours answer.
    I only have this in Vivaldi.
    In opera I don't have this problem.
    So it must be an interaction between vivaldi and youtube.
    I am not sure if this problem came with the last update of vivaldi.
    I've only been having this problem for a short time.🤷🏻♂

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    @visma said in YouTube is not shown properly in Full Screen mode:

    In opera I don't have this problem.

    That's easy to explain: while we are always using the latest Chromium version (currently is 74.0.3729.134), they are on behind: 73.0.3683.103

    Edited: grammar

  • makes sense. thank you.

  • This is a recent problem but I find that pressing F11 in Vivaldi before entering the Youtube "show fullscreen" command seems to work for me. It is a nuisance, though.

  • Ho friend. Yes I have got the same thing.
    Solution? I found if I F11 forst with it on YT small window & then do full screen on bottom of YT screen it works. But it is a real pain in the butt! You Tube seem to be having 'difficulties' lately since they took on anons and normal free speech folks. Coincidence? perhaps. But changes they say they are making regarding 'hate speech' ain't stopping the easy to find young kids doing exercises n stuff. shame Vivaldi couldn't replace YT. Then we know it would be the best ever just like the browser! agreed?
    Least problems would be dealt with asap like by Vivaldi crew.


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