What changed about address bar suggestions?

  • I'm a little confused. I am not even sure what changed exactly from 2.4, but it seems that something did.

    From 2.4 and before, I am used to typing a few characters, and then selecting the URL I intended with a few arrow-down presses, but this is no longer possible. I have to go down much further to find what I needed. I clearly wasn't paying much attention before, I just noticed something's different. Did the order of suggestions change somehow?

    When typing in the address bar, after my default search engine, the first suggestions I get are from my frequently visited pages. However, this list is static and does not adapt to what I have typed. It always contains the same five pages, even though the characters I typed appear nowhere in their URL or title. Was this always the case?

    It would be good to have the frequently visited pages dynamically adapt to what's been typed, i.e., give the first most-visited pages that match the current input.

  • I have the same experiences, though it previously filtered the list of frequently visited URLs (before 2.5 if I remember well).

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    @lrkrol Something has changed, I don't know exactly what. Auto-completes that were always the default response for one or two letters are now 'way down in a list. Which kind of pisses me off, really.

  • @Ayespy Exactly; the default suggestions for a few typed characters are very old pages that I haven't visited in ages. Although it does adapt, it's unclear what the logic is. For example, if I type sch or scho, it suggests an old, once-used search query on scholar.google.com, but if I continue with schol it switches to suggesting a (more frequented) profile on that same website. Furthermore, it sometimes happens that when I press enter on a suggestion, it takes me to a search page instead.

    I have switched off Frequently Visited Pages in the drop-down menu and only work with Typed and History now to have faster access to the suggestion I need, but there really should be a better default.

    This is currently the main UX issue with Vivaldi for me, and a rather big one at that.


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