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  • Good evening Lad's! I recently stumbled across a annoying little bug. Everytime I open a link in a external programm, Vivaldi gets smaller and I have to manually expand it again. Like in the league of legends launcher. Happens with others too. pic related. TeamSpeak still cant open any links at all. (Can somebody relate or tell me if this is a TeamSpeak bug? I'm not 110% sure) Vennrx

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    Yes, noticed that too. And there's also the bug where Vivaldi does not load the page if it's not open when the program calls it.

    Has anyone reported those?

  • didn't reported it yet but can confirm both bugs
    win7 x64 vivaldi x64

  • I was writing about it, but you posted between my thoughts and my post =)

  • Is there a special form for reporting? Thought these topics are here to report bugs. :huh:


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    It's OK to report bugs here, but the preferred place is

  • It's a known bug.

    I reported it as VB-7188, about one month ago

  • I have same problem here (Windows 8.1) not fix at this time…

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