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    Vivaldi developer Petter Nilsen who made possible the Razer Chroma integration, reveals how it came about.

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  • Good effort and makes sense to use Vivaldi's native ability to change the color behind tabs/on address bar in more than one way.

    But yet, the effect isn't really that dramatic – after all it's just the color of one bar that changes. What I would like to see is a dark theme that changes the foreground text/icon colors in sync with chroma/webpages – this would mimic the way it works on a keyboard and a mouse. And as far as I know one member made a custom modification to the browser, which uses the accent color on tab bar, address bar and panel container at the same time – which is a more immersive experience. Gonna look for that mod now ^^


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    Could it be added even when the theme doesn't change ?
    I don't like to have the theme of the whole browser to change at each tab, to avoid being blinded. But having the hue lamps change around me is not blinding, since I don't look at them directly.

    Having the possibility to changes the lamps (or razor chroma, to stay on topic), without changing the theme would be nice !

  • Vivaldi Team

    @cqoicebordel: It works with or without "Accent color from Active Page" enabled - when this is disabled, Chroma will use the Theme Accent Color (static, unless you schedule themes 🙂 )

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @jonmc: Yeah, that's my point. It's static. I would love to use the dynamic accent color in hue, while keeping my the static for Vivaldi theme.

  • This is great. It doesn't work though. My Razer refuses to change colours but Synapse says it's being controlled by Vivaldi.

  • Awesome! I should check out the Razer Chroma stuff. I have enabled Hue support in Vivaldi and issued a feature request some time ago, that I think private tabs (tabs in private windows) should not be followed by Hue. Wondering whether Vivaldi's Chroma integration follows private tabs? 🙂 In any case, keep up the excellent work!

  • I own a Razer Black Widow Chroma Keyboard - in the Synapse software there are activated "Chroma apps" and Vivaldi is correct shown as a Chroma app in the list.
    In Vivaldi I changed all themes - with accent colors enabled, deactivated and and and - restarte PC (Windows 10) several times.
    Nothing happens ....


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