Falcon Proxy for Vivaldi?

  • Hello, I am a new user of the Vivaldi web browser, and I have a quick question. Is there anyway to access extensions that need icons for operation. In other words, when using chrome you have a group icons to the right of the address bar, depending on what extensions you have installed. I don't know if there is an equivalent in Vivaldi that will allow you to interact with the extension from the browser. In the case of falcon proxy, you must click the icon to turn the program's functionality on and off. If someone can let me know if this has been implemented yet, it would be a great help. Thanks to all that reply. Mike :side:

  • Moderator

    Not yet. The last snapshot already adds the menu item for extension access and the Ctrl+Shift+E shortcut as well, so it's probably coming soon.

    Right now you can access the extension options from vivaldi://extensions


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