Steelseries integration - possible?

  • Hello there,

    Seeing Razer integration gives me hope that one day, my Steelseries mouse/keyboard combo would be supported. They make really good peripherals and the illumination/software are excellent. They also happen to have some developer centric stuff, specifically about illumination, check this:

    Maybe possible to have Gamesense integration in the future? Thanks!

  • @t0yz I almost didn't care to read. Of course it is but if we want people to switch, IMO, just IMO, not official word is that lets do Logitech first as more users and more known. Easier start. But none has actually said this so if they do corsair first I enjoy as I have setup but I think to get traction now needs mass.

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    @t0yz Hi, we have a mor egeneral request about offering easier access to theme data - if that gets implemented, then it would be easier to support any device:

  • @LonM I upvoted that, I have no idea how it would work, since the illumination on many of these devices is (I think?) proprietary and would require a way to access it, but if it's possible, great, the more accessible and wide spread it is the better.

  • @Shaga depends on how easy/difficult is to code it according to the existing wireframe/tools I suppose so if SteelSeries' is more advanced and easier to do then I'm for Steelseries first. I think they know it better already, which is which, but it makes sense covering the major ones anyway for the obvious reason of attracting all PC gamers. I'm not sure though that Logitech has a bigger "gaming hardware" user base than Razer, Roccat, SteelSeries, as they were always targeted to casuals first, while the rest made only gaming products for gamers and Corsair, Asus followed that road recently too. Otherwise we would be seeing Vivaldi 2.5 supporting Logitech and not Razer. I think Razer is #1, SteelSeries is #2, Roccat is #3 then maybe Asus or Corsair, #6 Logitech.

  • Please check out my Vivaldi Color Changer Service Project! If you would like to add Steelseries support, you're more than welcome to! I just don't have a Steelseries device to test with.

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