Auto-update failure / cannot copy the URL from the address bar

  • I am currently experiencing two bugs. 1. Auto update failure When I try to install the newer version of Vivaldi using auto-update feature, it fails in the middle of process, giving me some message similar to "could not finish the process." When I check on the task manager, I see Vivaldi.exe (usually one or two) still running in the background but using almost no CPU, memory, and HDD. I tried terminating those processes via task manager, but apparently the task manager fails to do so and gives me the message something similar to "access denied." (my computer is in Japanese, and I'm not sure if that's the exact translation on the English version) The weird thing is, it doesn't fail all of the time; from what I've seen, update failure happens if Vivaldi has been running for a long time. In fact, the auto-update succeeds if I restart the computer, launch Vivaldi, then install via auto update right after the launch. 2. URL copying problem on the address bar When I try to copy the URL on the address bar, it does not copy the URL that is on the address bar. For some weird reason, it copies the name of the last thing I clicked on the bookmark tab (folder or the website). I tried copying with both Ctrl+C and right click (obviously, I made sure that the focus and the highlight are on the URL of the address bar), but the result was the same. Have these bugs been reported? If not, is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Windows 8.1 64-bit Vivaldi Windows 64bit (Developer Build)

  • I started using Vivaldi for the first time yesterday and am also experiencing the copy URL problem. Whatever I do to try and copy the URL, I just get 'Entertainment' when I paste it anywhere. I was wondering where that had come from but now that you've said about the bookmarks folder that seems correct. Definitely a bug.

  • I started using Vivaldi in March in 2015, and I updated to " (Developer Build) ".
    I also experienced addressbar's issue ,when I copy and pasted address that appeared "News" but auto update issue didn't happen in my browser.

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    Please try current Snapshot from
    Many bug fixes werd done since old

    Autoupdate should not be broken anymore, now. Downlaod problems were since yester/today.
    if the bug with copy URL occurs, it may be Bug VB-7571

  • Sorry, it's been a month since I last looked at this thread.
    Anyway, it seems like the two bugs (auto-update failure/URL copy bug) still occur on the recent version, the current snapshot ( I experienced the former bug yesterday when updating from to, and the latter bug while browsing using I'm still quite not sure when each bug happens (sorry about not being quite helpful here), but I can at least report that these bugs still do exist.


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