AddBlock Plus - it WORKS! (Chrome addon)

  • From today till many years in the future, I gonna use this new Web Browser. Thx to cricrazy05 for the tuto for AddBolck in Vivaldi, froma Chrome Addon. [url=]YouTube Tutorial[/url] Go to 1. Get the lastest package of AddBlock in the list. Then go to 2. vivaldi://chrome/extensions Enable DEVELOPER MODE and then, go to the unzip folder of Addblock downloaded. The tuto is perfect! I run in this PC: SO: Windows 7 Pro, SP1. RAM: 3 Gb AddBlock version: 2.36 Runs perfect! 😎

  • Uuuumm… uBlock Origin is superior to ABP. ABP hasn't been on the right track for many years now - they have been paid by advertising companies to unblock certain ad content, and for a project/company to be paid to whitelist the same thing your philosophy says you have to blacklist... well, that's like working at an antivirus company - one day you enter the building, sit on your desk and you suddenly hear an announcement "Hey guys, as of today you will be whitelisting this and that viruses, because we were paid to whitelist them, sorry if you have your beliefs broken, this is how sometimes life works."

  • Also, AdBlock is one of the extensions that (after installing them manually) works pretty much from day one.

  • Thanks!!! 😎

  • @Deyirn:

    Uuuumm… uBlock Origin is superior to ABP.

    It sure is!


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