Closing on stable – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.36

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    We are not quite at release candidate stage but we are getting very close. Here are three more important fixes.

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  • Cool. Testing

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    Nice 🙂

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    Short Changelog is a good sign.

  • Tab tiling still with huge performance issues, try tiling 2 pages of this forum and scroll with the mouse in one of the two. Untile the tabs and you can't even do anything without insane lag and stutter.

  • Anyone else having freezers when opening/scrolling the download panel?

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    @npro A user on Portuguese forum told me about the Tiling issue on the previous snapshot. The scroll is terrible.

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    @olli Confirmed.

  • Is it only me who has mail menus and context menu not picking up the color scheme?!


    This happend already in the past for some snapshots, but disappeared after one or two other snapshots. Now this behavior is there for a couple of snapshots. It happens also for a clean vivaldi profile.

    My system is Debian GNU/Linux 8.11 (jessie)

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    @npro: Confirmed and it's been like this for a while. Please devs, iron out this nasty bug out before even considering entering release candidate stage. Tab tiling is near unusable in this state, for those affected.

  • So... not wanting to derail the thread completely, just a general critical observation, that after all these years I think we can agree that choosing to use Chromium/Blink as the fueling engine brakes everyone else's browser except for Google's, no? There seems to be so many issues keep stacking up since 2.0 with all those Chromium updates, waiting to be fixed, breaking Vivaldi and being a real obstacle to what Vivaldi aims to achieve , that sometimes I'm wondering if it was the right decision to go with it, not only for Vivaldi, but to give an example for other browsers as well, Opera which -despite having a much, much bigger team- looks and is awful to use (not that I care about it, on the contrary).

  • [Regression] Save link as does not trigger dialog (VB-52467)

    Tested on Windows 10 64-bit version, it's working perfectly now!
    Thank you very much! >^.^<

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    @npro Well, a browser does need an engine, and building one's own is not an option.

    Mozilla being the only other viable candidate, and it declining in popularity, what engine would you have Vivaldi use?

  • @Ayespy Seriously, I don't know. But seeing the Vivaldi team struggling to cope up with every Chromium update makes me a little sad. Maybe buying the Presto engine and forking it/improving it further they way you want and not Google dictating changes everyone is forced to make work in a way or another? Going with Mozilla's engine (I don't know how often it gets updated) and gaining market share by Vivaldi's awesome features, instead of having always the latest Chromium engine update? Don't know it's just an observation of rhetorical nature... but I think it's valid.

  • @npro:
    Presto has not been developed for six years now. It's like building a whole new engine. Plus it had very serious issues with O12. Fixing those would set back Vivaldi with years.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @nekomajin: you are right. In fact it is more than 6 years. As soon as I quit as CEO in January 2010, the new CEO started to limit the core team, that worked on Presto, by not replacing anyone that quit and not adding new people as needed, Presto was not getting the attention it needed long before it got cancelled.

    We had a team of 100 working on Presto. That is a lot larger team than our Vivaldi team at this time.

    Even if Presto was available, which it is not, it would require a lot of work for us to move all our efforts to Presto, which would delay us for years and the code would be useless on a lot of sites, which is easy to see if you try to run Opera 12 on new sites. The Web has changed a lot in 9 years.

    My impression is that the choice we made was the right one. Yes we have to work a lot doing Chromium updates, but we have managed to make the process work better, which is hopefully visible to you. We are getting a lot of work done now on adding features and on the long term projects that you will soon be able to play with...


  • @Nekomajin yeah I'm not talking about now of course, but what maybe could have been a choice/consideration 4 years ago. But assuredly, speaking in retrospective while knowing the aftermath now is of no real value.

  • Still no fix for Hbo GO.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @npro , see my reply above. Presto was not available when we started Vivaldi and it is not available now. Opera had 100 programmers working on Presto and needed to add more to stay ahead of the field. that was not done and 9 years later Presto would need a lot of work to be viable again.


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    @lamarca said in Closing on stable – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.36:

    @npro A user on Portuguese forum told me about the Tiling issue on the previous snapshot. The scroll is terrible.

    Confirmed. It seems that you system by closing the tab and reopening it from the trash. Ctrl+F5 it brings no improvement.

    PS: Changing the size of the frames the problem disappears but, disabling Tab Tiling, it reappears.

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