Vivaldi browser Technical Preview 4 is here!

  • [b][i]DOWNLOAD[/i][/b] - [b][size=5][color=#880000][/color][/size][/b] Significant UI customizations [img][/img] Startpage customization [b]Startpage customization UI zoom Cleaner Speed Dial and Speed Dial options Light and Dark UI (with or without tab coloring enabled)[/b] [b][size=4]Changelog[/size][/b] Startup options Improvements to spatial navigation Keyboard shortcuts (incl. cheat sheet) Gestures (incl. tab switching & keyboard activation) Improved installer (it’s now possible to install Vivaldi without admin privileges) Reworked settings Support for some additional extension APIs Ready for Windows 10 Customizable UI Performance improvements Autoupdate for Mac and Win x64 Better HiDPI support Better bookmark management Linux forward and back mouse button support ...hundreds of bug fixes

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    They are identical, just in different channels. It's impossible to have the same number twice. That's why they differ at all fonte

  • @Rockamovya:

    Linux forward and back mouse button support

    Finalmente! :lol:

    Esperando pela aba privada, é uma mão na roda para acessar duas contas de email do mesmo provedor!

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    Esperando pela aba privada, …...

    o shortcut já existe: shift+ctrl+n


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