Mouse Rocker & Wheel gesture customization

  • Please consider adding support for mouse rocker (also known as chording) and wheel gesture customization.

    I would happily use Chrome addons for these functions but they simply don't work right. They function inconsistently, working maybe 90% of the time, but that last 10% will drive you crazy. They either make you do a gesture multiple times or pop up the right-click window, etc.

    This is a webextensions limitation; they don't work well on Chrome or Firefox either. They need to be supported natively within the browser, the same way Vivaldi supports mouse gestures.

    Rocker Gestures
    Currently, Vivaldi hard-codes rocker gesture actions. We can either turn them on or off.


    I would like to assign rocker gestures to other actions. Specifically (for me), close tab and re-open closed tab.

    Mouse Wheel Gestures
    Vivaldi has similarly limited support for mouse wheel gestures, where the user holds down the right mouse button and then scrolls the mouse wheel. Vivaldi only allows wheel gestures to switch tabs, and it can either be switched on or off.


    Similarly to rockers/chords, I would like to assign other actions. Specifically for myself, I want to use wheel gestures to scroll to top and scroll to bottom of the current page.

    Thanks for considering these suggestions.

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    @jplanvers The request to Customize Rocker Gestures already exists.

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    @jplanvers Hi,

    In addition to the other duplicate mentioned above, there's also this existing request:

    If you want to make a feature request, please use the search first to see if you can find similar requests.

  • Thank you, please feel free to merge with one of those if you prefer.

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