Settings for which feed displays by default?

  • I just discovered Vivaldi community and so far it seems to be a lot of what I've always wanted in a social networking site: easy to use, privacy-focused, and doesn't have the myriad of design flaws and bad aesthetics that all the other social media sites do. (Facebook, tumblr, Twitter, and ello, I'm looking at you.) However, one thing kind of irks me: every time I open the site it by default displays the "everyone" feed. It's not that I don't ever want to see what everyone is posting, but I'd much prefer the site to start with my "Friends" feed. Being able to specify which feed you want open by default would be a great feature, and probably an easy one to add. How about it?

  • I second this! The Vivaldi Team has created an incredibly clean and comprehensive social networking site…but every time I log in I'm inundated with blog updates from people whom I have no interest in. I'd love to be able to hide the "Everyone" view, or at least change the default view to "Me & Friends".

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