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  • Hello, I search the share tools menu of macOS. For example Airdrop, mail, messages, etc. But I don't see it. Do they exist? If not, can you add it in the next version?
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    @tmot I've asked about this internally and passed on that a number of Mac users have been asking for this. When a (non-Mac) dev asked anyone would want this, I pointed out that Share is something that Mac users expect to see in even the most basic of native macOS apps, even TextEdit. (It would be an easier sell if Chromium already had this integration). The response was non-committal... but they didn't say no either.

  • Personally I think it isn't needed. If they do decide to implement it, I hope it isn't forced like on Opera, where you got a whole button dedicated to sharing, which you can't delete from the address bar.

  • Image show what is expected in any app on macOS

    Toolbar icon:
    0_1558353351637_Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 19.53.48.png

    menu items:
    0_1558353401906_Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 19.52.13.png

  • A macOS Share Menu would be nice, but do leave it up to the user if they want the button on or off

  • I'm also missing the share menu. I also searched for a Chrome extension but haven't found one. 😞

  • Can we prioritize this feature? AirDrop is very convenient feature when I do web development. I can easily send the url to iPhone instead of manually typing long urls on the phone directly.

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