Philips Hue integration not fully working

  • I just got my Philips Hue Play lamps today and set them up behind my screen on left and right side.
    However, when trying to add them to Vivaldi, only 1 of 2 lamps are availble in settings.
    I have reset the bridge connection, but still only right lamp is available and not the left one.

    Both lamps are updated. And they work normally in Philips Sync and Entertainment Area.
    Actually we have 18 lamps in total connected to the bridge, but only 5 are visible and selectable in Vivaldi.

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    That is really sad you can not use that Vivaldi feature.
    Unfortunately i can not test yet with so many lamps.
    May be other users here coudl test it.

    I think the display of less lamps in Vivaldi settings is a bug.
    Please read how to Report a bug for Vivaldi carefully and then report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

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    Thanks, Bug was confirmed by a dev.
    VB-52654 "Philips Hue integration"

  • With only one hub it's working althoug it does see only 2 lights...

  • Any news on this bug?
    It only shows one of two Hue Plays here...

  • Was hoping this would be fixed with Vivaldi 2.6 but sadly bug still present. Really want this to work with my Hue Play on my desktop, but I can only connect to the right one and not the left one.

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    Currently no progress for a fix.

  • I got it to work with my other Hue lights as well. Needed some manual editing of preferences. The lights still are not shown in preferences window but they will change light ccolor.
    If anyone is iinterested I can share detailed steps

  • Hi @EmilEichhoernchen , Can't see one of my lamp as well even if I reset the bridge. able to share your workaround?

  • @andydelz

    • Close Vivaldi

    • Find preferences file in C:\Users\Username\Appdata\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default (depending on installation or OS the file could be somewhere else)


    • Open preferences file with text editor (I used Notepad++)

    • search for "hue"

    • you should see similar lines like the following in text editor


    • Make sure the bridge_ip is correct

    • you can see I have two lights enabled "00:17:88:01:06:28:e4:72-0b" and "00:17:88:01:06:28:e3:8c-0b"

    • next step you need to find out the IDs for your lights. Standard Hue app doesn't support this function. I used an app called "hue essentials" (Android) (hamburger-menu ==> lights ==> open the light you want to add and look for the ID)

    • edit the IDs in text editor or add new ones separated by komma

    • save preferences and close text editor

    • Open Vivaldi to check if the lights are working (The added lights won't be all shown in preferences window but they do work)


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