Stabilization starts for 2.5 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.30

  • @Pesala Mine look like this (this is only regarding the bookmark bar):

    For a bookmark inside a folder For a bookmark outside a folder
    0_1556652147526_Screenshot 2019-04-30 at 21.18.54.png 0_1556652317947_Screenshot 2019-04-30 at 21.19.10.png

    Context menu appears as seen on the right everywhere else.

  • @AltCode How do you get the context menu with a dark theme like that? Is that only on Mac? 😕

  • @Pathduck add --force-dark-mode --enable-features=WebUIDarkMode to the target path of your Vivaldi shortcut, it looks nice 🙂

  • @Pathduck I actually did nothing. Vivaldi gave itself the dark "theme" when I set my OS appearance to dark. I'm not sure how you would enable it for Windows/Linux.

  • @AltCode Mac should enable it by default if Dark OS theme is used, while Win needs to be enforced with the flag in the shortcut: this will be default too, just unsure when. Hope this is also valid for Linux.

  • I get a completely black window after installing this update.
    It seems that the elements of the browser are there because I can click on the window and hit one of the speed dials and I see that the title of the button on the windows taskbar changes its name, as if Vivaldi is accessing the website, but the window is black.
    Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Build 7601.23642
    AMD A10-7700K Radeon R7.

  • @DriverOp said in Stabilization starts for 2.5 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.30:

    black window

    Seems like your default profile got corrupted.
    Close Vivaldi and make sure all vivaldi.exe processes are not in task manager.
    Locate your profile dir as described in here
    go for example
    cd "%localappdata%\vivaldi\user data"
    locate the Default dir
    rename it to Default_old
    start Vivaldi, it should rebuild a new Default dir and should start no problems. Close it again. At this point copy over from Default_old to the new Default dir this list of dirs and files

    "Extension Rules"
    "Extension State"
    "Local App Settings"
    "Local Extension Settings"
    "Local Storage"
    "Managed Extension Settings"
    "Current Session"
    "Extension Cookies"
    "Login Data"
    "Secure Preferences"
    "Top Sites"
    "Web Data"
    "Last Session"
    "Last Tabs"

  • @LonM Agreed about the poor performance in tiled tabs, this definitely has to be fixed before 2.5. Who knows, maybe it's related to this? Is it present in Linux as well? Not only does it happen in those pages but in others as well like on anything that uses the disqus commenting platform, or a page with a .gif animation.

  • @npro said in Stabilization starts for 2.5 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.30:

    recently checked most of the other Chromium-based browsers (on 74) and they all were blinking, flashing white to the point of causing epilepsy or were extremely slow, when opening new Speed Dial/startpage/empty tabs

    I cannot tell if you wrote this humorously, or seriously. Is this supposed to be interpreted metaphorically, or literally? If seriously/literally, then can you please explain some more, coz atm i do not understand. Eg, i just launched my Chromium 74, & it absolutely did not do anything even remotely like what you wrote.

  • @brunnopleffken said in Stabilization starts for 2.5 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.30:

    If you don't want to face any bugs then the Stable release is recommended for you

    I'm afraid that you are deluding yourself if you actually do believe that each Stable version is sans-bugs. 😵

    Furthermore, it's mildly amusing that you're attempting to lecture Ian, who has been here much longer than you, knows the lie of the land very well, & has made numerous positive constructive contributions over the years. Though clearly you disagree, fwiw i share Ian's disgruntlement that such an exceedingly obvious new bug escaped into the Snapshot stream. 😱

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Steffie Can't say about how Linux performs nor about the Chromium itself. Try using dark theme/dark wallpapers with the rest of them and open new SD/startpage tabs then watch the flashbangs (or the other things described, like fade-ins, depending on the specific browser) happening on Windows 10.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @AltCode said in Stabilization starts for 2.5 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.30:

    @Pesala Not exactly. The context menu in folders are distinctively different from everywhere else in the browser; they take far more space and use a different font.

    I didn't respond when you first mentioned it, but I did check way back then and all of my installs (on Win10 and Lubuntu) look exactly the same in the bookmarks bar and in the panel... And they still do.

    I think you may have some local issue with theme or something.

  • @PardusPars said in Stabilization starts for 2.5 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.30:

    Cloned bookmarks again and now cloned extension icons. Clone Wars.

    May the Vivaldi be with you 😃

    And Vivaldi asked me when click ''saved as'' but now not... 😞

    I was looking at the bookmarks context menu thing and suddenly noticed...

    The default Vivaldi bookmark folders have reappeared again (this lunchtime) - like a disgusting mould that just won't die!


    A couple of weeks ago I had to spend two or three hours getting rid of them, which really wasn't easy(*), so this is very very annoying.

    (*) Finally was able to do it as follows:

    • bring all laptops etc. to one location, start all installs of Vivaldi
    • disconnect sync from all of them except for "the main Vivaldi install" on "the main PC"
    • delete all the Vivaldi bookmark folders (Business, Entertainment, etc.) on all installs on all PCs
    • shut down all Vivaldi installs (seemed necessary to permanently kill the deleted bookmarks)
    • open the main install again, make sure the bookmarks are gone, tell it to wipe sync data, reconnect
    • start up each Vivaldi install and reconnect (I waited a few minutes each time, watching for changes to finish in vivaldi://sync-internals)

    tip: I found it easy to delete the bad bookmark folders by moving the cursor and watching the date in the status - the bad ones are all created recently (right now, mine are all dated 1 May 2019) so can just click down, delete, down, down, delete, etc.)

  • @mossman said in Stabilization starts for 2.5 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.30:

    I think you may have some local issue with theme or something.

    The context menu is not affected by Vivaldi’s theme though, but based on what you said and what @Pesala showed me, I think this might be a problem with macOS only. I’ll still try it on a different machine.

    It’s also worth nothing that the context menu that appears in folders for the bookmark bar look exactly like the context menu from Chrome.

  • Moderator

    @AltCode Vivaldi is now (I think reluctantly) using Chromium to display the bookmark folder contents because the native menus (on macOS) are not right-clickable. So, right now, we have a weird mix where the Bookmark Bar itself is rendered like other parts of the WebUI, secondary (right) click on a folder displays a context menu that is rendered with native widgets, and (left) click produces a menu that's rendered by the underlying Chromium code.

  • Moderator

    No regressions are good but I just wanted to point out a few things. First, note the build number of this Snapshot: 1525.30; that means that they took the 1525 branch as a base (1525.4 was released recently) and they applied subsequent fixes that they want to include in the next Stable version. Normally, this is not a problem but occasionally things can break. This is a Snapshot build, and it got released to us Snapshot testers so that we can catch bugs like this before they appear in Stable releases.

    Also, anytime that you backport a fix, even seemingly small/minor changes, there's always a risk of introducing regressions. That's why Stable updates contain only the most critical of fixes and fixes with a very low risk of introducing regressions.

  • @pathduck: The answer is almost certainly "no one". It's just a regression that will hopefully be fixed soon.

  • Moderator

    @iAN-CooG said in Stabilization starts for 2.5 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.30:

    but I know (I'm a SW dev myself) when a broken release shouldn't be presented to clients.

    Oh, you never ever make such fault with your beta versions. All your software is 100% error free? Really? Well, your hubris is really excellent. 🙂
    Or you are a programmer guru or god.

    I never had such exorbitant Chuzpe to tell other devs what they should do with their customers.

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