Stabilization starts for 2.5 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.30

  • @Gwen-Dragon you don't need to be a smartass, we are talking about the visible extensions problem that YOU have noticed for first. Not about the thousands of other hidden bugs. Every program has its problem, but such evident defect should have stopped them from showing it to public, it's not that it needs to be discovered by accident by users doing unusual stuff.

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    @Gwen-Dragon I think that the Vivaldi team should be complemented for their track record of producing exceptionally solid Snapshot builds. Many people forget that these are test builds and that they should expect the unexpected.

  • @xyzzy so, if by chance, they release a completely not working snapshot, or even if it destroys your data, you wouldn't be at least disappointed? come on

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    @iAN-CooG said in Stabilization starts for 2.5 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.30:

    you don't need to be a smartass, we are talking about the visible extensions problem that YOU have noticed for first.

    I do not act as a person blaming others like you did it before. I report bugs and if i am disappointed with bugs i talk to a dev instead of being angry like you.

  • @ian-coog: Thanks for clearly reporting these symptoms, it saved me a lot of time!

  • @Gwen-Dragon I am not even angry, I only pointed out that it should have not been presented to public if some test was done before. You are not even seeing me, but if you prefer I'll put a smile in here, there 😃

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    @iAN-CooG Fine. After this little disppointment about some worms in the shiny Vivaldi apple we are on the track again to hunt bugs and test? Thanks. 🙂

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    @iAN-CooG said in Stabilization starts for 2.5 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.30:

    [Regression] Typed history in search field does not show up sometimes VB-52340

    Hmm, i saw it was fixed a week ego. Did you report this regressed bug?

  • @Gwen-Dragon yes I did, and different times over the years because it's one of the many things constantly geting fixed and broken again over the releases. It's even getting boring reporting the same issues over time, but I can resend some reports, I should have them in the sent mail folder 🙂

  • @archive1 Next restart or even next window opened will have pageAction duplicates again.

    Hopefully, this will mean support for chrome.pageAction (I couldn't see any of those for a while in vivaldi).
    But yeah, duplicates of buttons that 24 extension puts up there is not really great. 🙂

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    @iAN-CooG said in Stabilization starts for 2.5 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.30:

    t's even getting boring reporting the same issues over time

    I agree, but that is the problem with regressions, they come back like half-dead zombies.
    OK, as i understand you do not want to report once more.
    Unfortunately i am not allowed to reopen a fixed bug. Then i will wait until an other person reports. //EDIT: i added a comment on closed bug, may be a dev does notice.

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    The "save as" is not working here, in my case I tried with image I do not know if it proceeds to other files.

  • @Gwen-Dragon done
    Summary: Search field bugs
    Key: VB-52599
    Summary: Address field dropdown bugs
    Key: VB-52601
    it was almost the same report as
    Summary: Address bar history dropdown and Search bar history dropdown don't react on Shift-del; Mouse over on "X" doesn't move highlight
    Key: VB-52514
    and while at it I did also this
    Summary: Save link as/Save image as always save to default dir
    Key: VB-52602

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    Bug report follow-up.....see

    VB-52492 Deleted bookmarks return only on installs with default status possible.
    Stable install and one Standalone see the return of the deleted bookmarks.
    One standalone does not. This one cannot have default browser status.

    If this is in the wrong place please move it. But it is related to the release of snapshots. Directly related.

  • @xyzzy said in Stabilization starts for 2.5 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1525.30:

    it got released to us Snapshot testers so that we can catch bugs like this before they appear in Stable releases

    I've been here since the start, so i have at least some understanding of how it works. I've always been an ardent fan of V, & remain so. That does not however disqualify one from offering constructive criticism on occasion, & IMO this current SS is one. Is there not a stage pre-SS, wherein the Sopranos get, see & use the candidate? All it would/should have needed was a single Soprano [who uses Extensions] to fire up this candidate, & BANG the new unprecedented bug would have whacked them in the face, which could have instantly been fed back to the Devs for restitution... & then proceed again.

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    @Steffie You make a very valid point. FYI, Sopranos are not usually involved in testing the actual Snapshot builds prior to release. We do 99% of our testing with daily internal builds. That covers testing of new features, Chromium updates, etc. and we, along with Vivaldi's QA team, do the best that we can to ensure that the worst of the bugs (and really weird, subtle bugs that might slip through automated testing) are identified and fixed before Snapshots get released.

    Sopranos also are not usually involved in testing Release Candidates, Stable builds, or mid-cycle Stable updates in advance... unless some item in the changelog requires extra testing.

  • @xyzzy Ever since my preceding post i've felt bad, that my poor wording might have seemed like i was attacking our Sopranos. I did not mean it to be so, nor to sound so.

    Instead i'm simply thrashing about here in puzzlement about how it came to be that this SS, unlike so many before it, contained such a staggeringly obvious new bug, which would/should have been exceptionally easy to spot, had someone only launched this "SS candidate" prior to releasing it as a formal SS. As an aside, the irony was almost laugh-out-loud funny that such a blatant unsubtle new bug should arise in a version touted as "Stabilization starts...".

    Though the point i'm struggling to make, & which i think Ian has been making, seems to be being comprehensively misunderstood or otherwise vociferously disagreed-with by many here from whom i'd have expected different, i continue to opine that this Extensions bug is of a fundamentally different nature to the majority we SS users have historically seen. By that i mean that many prior bugs might afflict one OS-branch only, or only a subset of users who happen to perform Thing1 after Thing2 after Thing3, or only some users who use a particular combo of Settings, etc... ie, bugs not necessarily universal, & not instantly in your face the moment V-SS launches, without actually needing to first "do" anything to force the bug to manifest.

    Put another way, many historical bugs have a degree of subtlety & "hiddenness" about them, such that the SS-user community is ideally placed to discover & report them. This Extensions one however is so unambiguously "unhidden", so obvious, so blatant, that surely it's not so terribly unreasonable to suggest it could & should never have escaped out the door?

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    @Steffie No worries. I understand and appreciate the frustration that's been expressed here. I also didn't take any of the comments from you (or anybody else) as attacking the Soprano team in any way. I was just sharing some insights into the testing process and pointing out what makes release candidates a bit different from other Snapshot builds.

  • blatant unsubtle testing process insight is a good reminder of things like this. test buttons in new position. without regard for anything else. like them being still in the old position. thoughtful procedure is not a bug sometimes.

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    @Steffie For what it's worth, developers mostly run, especially for QA, "virgin" installs of Vivaldi. That means no extensions are installed. In my case, as well, I studiously avoid running any extensions. At all. Ever.

    I do run a single extension, and have done so for years, that being one to make it possible to copy text without formatting. On none of my installed instances does it show an icon.

    All that said, the extensions icons regression is cosmetic, though a "disaster" for those who use numerous extensions, and it will obviously be addressed before release to Stable. These things happen if you're a Beta tester, but you roll with the punches, and within a week the "disaster" is remedied.

    But I thought it might be helpful to bring up the fact that there is a reason why extension bugs are, pretty much always, invisible to developers. I will also note that SIX MINUTES after the snapshot was released, a Soprano filed a bug about the extension icons in the address bar. Six minutes. And with three exclamation points, to boot. I think the devs will be on it pretty quick.

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