A Windows 10 bug: The back story

  • Will this CFG issue affect us if we have CFG or Windows Defender switched off? How does it manifest - just as lag?

  • There has been an update today with this fix mentioned: "Addresses an issue in Gdi32full.dll that causes an application to stop responding" https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4495667/windows-10-update-kb4495667

    I guess it is included in it then, or?

  • @npro Other than it being WAY too soon to appear in a public hotfix (it may not have even flighted to Insider yet, if the original timetable that MS tweeted about is intact), and this not even being a "not responding" (i.e. crash) type issue, brucedaw over in the bug report said "TL;DR - It's unrelated to GDI."

  • Is it really a performance issue of Windows 10 or more a problem with the test suites and how they are executed, considering the routines contained within the tests were developed for execution on the older Windows 7 platform and not on the more secure Windows 10 platform? Seems to me you're still to focused on performance on Windows 7 instead of moving on to Windows 10 operating environment.

  • @neltherion said in A Windows 10 bug: The back story:

    @Yngve Wow... Thanks for the detailed explanation, I really like these tech posts.

    So, Could this somehow be related to the slow spawning process of creating new tabs? This is a known problem since the first days of Vivaldi: Just press "Ctrl + T" for a couple of times in a fast manner (or keep the key combination down for a couple of seconds) and you'll feel the slowdown even in systems with faster CPUs (although it's a bit faster on newer builds), but do this in Firefox and you'll see that all the tabs spawn pretty fast and there is no slowdown like on Vivaldi.

    @neltherion I just tried this tab spawning in Firefox, I see what you mean, its really super fast, no hiccups. I tried the Ctrl+T in Vivaldi and its OK, spawning a new tab but nowhere as fast as Firefox does it.

  • Safety security features are good but it can't ruin the work or work time with the lag so it should be corrected.

  • cool!

  • Anyone know if this has been fixed yet, or what the CVE reference might be? Thanks

  • @kuhlmanck: Probably none, because it is not a "Common Vulnerability and Exposure"

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