Windows 7 32bit: crazy number of processes and memory usage?

  • I'm on Windows 7 32bit, with a mighty 2981MB of addressable memory. Memory usage: [attachment=1448]vivaldi1.png[/attachment] [ol] [li]I close Vivaldi. It just had a Stack Overflow chat room and an empty tab, but it was using so much memory I thought I'd experiment.[/li] [li]I re-open Vivaldi, but don't open any websites. I do close the Mail tab, so I just sit with one empty tab open. Memory usage goes up. Hard to total, as it's across so many processes (see below) but doing some maths on that graph, I'd say it climbs by about 800MB.[/li] [li]I [i]close[/i] Vivaldi. Nothing much changes from here.[/li] [/ol] Processes after 2 (one empty tab): [attachment=1449]vivaldi2.jpg[/attachment] Processes [i]long[/i] after 3 (Vivaldi closed a while ago): [attachment=1450]vivaldi3.png[/attachment] Eventually I start killing Vivaldi processes until I hit a parent process that kills the rest for me. What's happening? I'm on Vivaldi (Developer Build), which isn't the latest according to the blog, but if I hit check for updates, it says I'm on the latest version. Attachments: [img][/img],[img][/img],[img][/img]

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    Like other Chrome-based browsers, Vivaldi starts a new process for each new tab and each plugin.

    Pros: If one tab crashes, the browser keeps running.

    Cons: It may use more RAM.

    Limit your tab use if you have limited memory.

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    Thirty is dirty
    Forty is naughty.

  • Er thanks for that advice. Not sure if you're using a text-only browser to view this, and can't see the screenshot, but even if you check the text of my post, you'll see I have one empty tab open.

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    Please test this with latest Snapshot.
    Problems like memory consuming issues may be fixed with later versions.

  • Hi, yeah fair point, although I'd imagine this is a pretty obvious one and you'd know if it'd been fixed 🙂

    I couldn't before today as it said I had the latest version, but now that I checked again today I could upgrade (I guess someone opened it up for upgrade, or something filtered through some caching or whatever), so I'm now on (Developer Build) (32-bit).

    Open Vivaldi:

    And from a memory usage perspective:

    • Open Vivaldi here. No tabs; just goes to blank Mail tab as per screenshot.
    • Close Mail tab and open

    Looks the same, pretty much? Still don't get why all the processes are there. (One positive: the upgrader properly closed all the vivaldi processes, and didn't leave them hanging around.)

    I'll come back here after the next update and post, but I'm upgrading Windows version soon so it won't be a straight comparison.

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    Open Vivaldi menu -> Tools -> Task Manager

    It will show a detailed info about what each process is. Chromium browsers have one process for each extension as well, so if you have too many it will eat your RAM too. If you see that some of the processes are tabs that no longer exist force its closing from that internal task manager.

  • It doesn't use much resources, but there are a few hundred megabytes which are allocated to all the instances, when I got seven tabs opened.

    Try to use Resource Monitor instead of Task Manager and look in the Memory tab.

  • This is definitely the right track! I only have one extension enabled (Adobe PDF Reader), so it's not that, but when I open that internal Task Manager, I see a load of tabs open. Stuff I've closed long ago, that doesn't show in the tabs list when I start the browser.

    If I kill each of those within the internal task manager then the memory usage drops drastically. However (and maybe this is related), I then end up with 1 Vivaldi process, as expected. However it doesn't end when I close the browser window, so I eventually kill it in Windows Task Manager. Then, when I restart the browser, all the tabs come back! Not sure if that's because I killed it, so it didn't register that it shouldn't open the tabs again, but yeah. Any clues welcome 🙂

  • Thanks - I installed on a new laptop and haven't had the problem since. Hopefully it's fixed!


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