Installer compatibility issue (undeletable shortcut on taskbar) with 7+ Taskbar Tweaker

  • Just tried Vivaldi out, on Windows 7. I selected the custom install because I am always very wary of defaults - I would at least like to know what they are. Nowhere did it say it was going to install a shortcut on my taskbar or ask me if I would like this. I use 7+ taskbar tweaker ( to disable some of Windows 7's more intrusive/annoying taskbar behaviours such as mouseover previews, and (critically in this case), the 'new' right click menu (the one that lacks maximise, minimise, etc. options and has the 'pin/unpin to taskbar' option. After having tested the browser out for a while (promising, but needs work, e.g. I can't put the tab bar below the address bar), I closed it and saw it had installed a shortcut on my taskbar - not in my quick launch area, but on the taskbar itself. This takes the form of a shortcut in C:\Users$myname\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar . If I right click this unwanted shortcut and delete it, it is just replaced with a blank icon but stays in place while the directory in question is empty (I tried restarting explorer.exe, etc.). To actually get rid of it, I need to close 7+ taskbar tweaker and 'unpin' it, then reopen 7+TT. This thread is partly for the benefit of anyone else with a similar issue in the hopes they might stumble across it from a search, but as I see that you value customisability and seem to be avoiding the usual Mozilla/Google-esque path of throwing power users under the bus, I would make this a suggestion - please provide an option in the installer whether to install a taskbar shortcut or not, as I find that installers placing shortcuts all over the place to be clutter and intrusive. The same goes for the desktop icon - by all means provide an option to place it, but make it an [i]option[/i]. PS. Also, please make an option to have the tab bar under the URL bar ;). Keep up the good work, it's already surprisingly usable for a preview. PPS. Is there a specific place for feedback? I have a few more comments, e.g. I would like a way to disable the "hide the http protocol indicator" misfeature.

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    You're in the right place for feedback. 🙂

    You can also comment on things at the Vivaldi Team Blog:


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