Snapshot - Crash fix before TP4

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    [quote=ruario] We are really close to TP status now. Before that happens we updated the translations some more and fixed an issue with Disqus. The Disqus commenting system uses a popup window, which they immediately close after successful login. Unfortunately, this left our password saving dialog—which appears just after the close of the window—associated with nothing. We now close the password dialog with the window that spawned it. Unfortunately this fix has the downside of giving you no time to interact with it. Until Disqus fix this issue—this also affects the password managers of other browsers—you can login via their website to save the password into Vivaldi's password manager.[/quote] [quote] [b]Changelog[/b] VB-7713 Updated translations: Again! VB-7174 Crash when saving password in Disqus using popup login via a comment box VB-6973 Settings Search not reachable if Native Window is set[/quote]

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