Seeing encrypted emails (S/MIME)

  • What settings do I need to set to be able to see encrypted email's?

    I have the three top encrypted setting check marked but still can't see an encrypted email.


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    @troypulk You mean OpenPGP? Did you had activated it?
    And you need to import public key of the sender.

    Open Webmail Settings

    • Preferences → Encryption
      Enable message encryption and signing ✓
      Enable message signatures verification ✓
      Enable message decryption ✓
    • PGP keys
      Button Import
      Search on key server(s)
      and type the mail address of sender to fetch the key

  • I'm sorry, I do not understand.

    In settings > PGP keys > it's empty, but I did add myself to it.

    I do not see any import button.

    I am not using OpenPGP, all I did was try to open an encrypted e-mail from my Boss and the message said "This is an encrypted message and can not be displayed. Sorry!"

    So I'm trying to get my set up right so I can see the e-mail, I'm not interested in sending an encrypted e-mail I just want to be able to it when they are sent to me.


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    @troypulk Is the mail encrypted in S/MIME? If yes, you can not use the webmailer to decrypt.
    But S/MIME is planned in Vivaldi's future Webmail (Roundcube):

  • Okay thanks, it is encrypted using s/mime.

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