3 features Vivaldi desperately needs to become my (and others) primairy browser and be competitive

  • As a long time Chrome and occasional Opera user on OS X I was very pleased to discover the Vivaldi browser some time back. It seems to render pages somewhat faster than other major browsers and I like the interface. I would almost certainly make Vivaldi my primary browser were it not for three things. 1) The apparent lack of extensions (so far). In particular there are two extensions which are available on nearly all competing browsers that I find absolutely necessary and are deal breakers for any browser that does not have them: Clearly— which allows users to view text on web pages in an easy to read, adjustable format and ad block. 2) Whenever I open Vivaldi I get this message on the screen: Vivaldi wants to use your confidential information stored in “Chrome Safe Storage” in your keychain. What the heck is THAT all about anyway? Terrible. 3) When loading a web page the progress bar does not seem to be visible most of the time so I almost never know when the page has completely loaded. If and when these issues are addressed then I will probably forget about Chrome and start using Vivaldi on a daily basis. I also know a number of people in my acquaintance who feel the same way. I am aware of the fact that Vivaldi is still in preview or beta (and has been stuck on technical preview 3 for Mac for what seems like forever) but if the owners want to get noticed, used and recommended by tech journalists as well as ordinary users they need to get busy on this.

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    You don't have to be stuck on TP3 if you don't want to. You can download a new snapshot pretty much every week (or two new ones this week) over at the Vivaldi Team Blog: https://vivaldi.net/en-US/blogs/teamblog

    TP4 will probably be out next week from the look of things.


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