Tracking in spite of private mode

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    @HealingCross said in Tracking in spite of private mode:

    @pafflick I'm sorry, that cause any trouble. But I realize, that this happens with different sites, that I've only visited on private mode. One only added some days later, but started to show first on the Facebook app on my smartphone(!). Shouldn't do that, should it?

    It definitely shouldn't and it never happened to me, that's why I'm so confused. 🤔 I've been explicitly testing this for the last couple of days and I was unable to replicate this issue here. A most recent example: I looked for some flights and later visited a news webpage on which the Google ads showed me offers for the flights that I've been looking for. It was all within a private window. I've opened the news page in the main window. There was no sign of any flight offers whatsoever. The ads were completely different, even though the private window was still opened.

    @HealingCross said in Tracking in spite of private mode:

    The only extension I've installed is uBlock Origin, which should rather protect me, I guess. I'm aware that Private mode doesn't necessarily mean, it's protected mode. But in that case it doesn't even protect me in the lightest.

    I ditched uBlock Origin some time ago in favor of ScriptJäger - a somewhat similar extension by one of our community members. It's less flexible and sometimes it blocks too much stuff, but I just trust this one more... 😜

    @HealingCross said in Tracking in spite of private mode:

    So I'm still wondering why there isn't any anti-ad and anti-tracking in Vivaldi by default, if privacy isn't only lip-service.

    This is a relatively new/fresh project, there's a lot of features still missing/yet to come. 😉

    @HealingCross said in Tracking in spite of private mode:

    Sorry, but who needs an e-mail-client built into a browser in 2019, where nearly everybody either uses webmail or Outlook as professional?

    Me? A lot of people like me? I still use the old Opera with built-in e-mail client despite paying annually for the Office365 subscription and having MS Outlook installed on my PC (as it comes with the rest of the suite whether you want it or not). 😏

  • @pafflick Thank you very much for extensively answering. Maybe, the issue is connected to the uBlock Origin extension, so it seems. But to me it didn't matter, if I used Vivaldi on Mac, Linux oder Windows. I still think, it's really an issue. I haven't experienced it with any other browser, at least not consciously.
    Deinstalling uBlock Origin would mean that Vivaldi struggles with the heavy load of some adfilled websites, meaning it claims a lot of RAM.

    Yes, I know it's matter of preferences and some people still use a mailclient. But there are a lot of these out there and you could chose from one of them instead of developing one and not investing this power in developing the core browser instead. That was my point. I deeply respect the awesome work of Vivaldi's team, realizing it's only a fracture of those of the big names in the game. It's a fantastic achievement, but I myself think as a team so rather small, they should focus. You already see the delay in e-mail and mobile.

    Otherwise no complaints about Vivaldi, works as it should.

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