Disney and ABC Video not working again

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    @fred8615 I am here to support users of Vivaldi Browser.
    If Chrome fixed its issue, sooner our Dev's will apply it to Vivaldi.
    The report VB-52323 was already analyzed by the Team.
    It's possible to check the bug report status on this thread:


  • I semi resolved it! I updated my Nvidia drivers yesterday, and instead of just updating, I had it do a clean install. Unbeknownst to me, this reset my system to auto select from my integrated video card and the Nvidia card. When the minor update came this morning, I thought to try one of the sites again, even though the VB wasn't listed. Lo and behold, it worked! I thought to check the Nvidia control panel, saw that it was on auto select, and tried using just the Nvidia card. It wouldn't work then. Putting it back on auto brought the videos back.

    So now it appears to be an Nvidia issue. Which is why I say it's semi resolved.


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