What extensions you'd like to use on mobile browser?

  • Kiwi Browser just added official extensions support which makes it 2nd Android browser to support that! 1st one was Yandex browser, but due to it cames from Yandex - I don't trust it (I do not want to be mean to anyone, but before anyone asks why: Russia forbids VPNs, banned half of an internet just to ban privacy-focused Telegram messenger, before that they took over VK, banned "gay propaganda". But let's not make this topic political)

    So I finally can get a Chromium-based browser with Extensions support. I really hope Vivaldi mobile browser will support that right at release day (Kiwi has other nice features that I'd like to see implemented into Vivaldi).

    Let's share our extensions list we'd use on mobile browser. I'm guessing that your list of extensions will differ on desktop and mobile, ie: I don't need Last.fm Scrobbler on mobile, as I'm not listening to music via mobile browser, I don't need Gmail Notifier, as I have a Gmail app on my phone. But I'm a heavy user of uMatrix, usually I'm browsing without javascript, cookies, iframes and all that stuff - and this is must-have extension for me for every instance everywhere.

    My list is:

    • uMatrix - for privacy and faster browsing
    • uBlock Origin - because uMatrix won't catch everything and when I really want to use a website which is heavy bloated and won't just work with some stuff enabled - I temporarly disable it for a website, so uBlock Origin can at least block some trackers and ads
    • TamperMonkey - because some sites are more useful with various add-ons. I am also fixing small stuff manually for websites that are broken without javascript, but can be easily fixed (like images that gets visible only on scroll)
    • Stylus - mostly the same as above - fixing stuff like fancy preloaders, that blocks the website without javascript, etc, on desktop I'm also forcing dark mode on some websites, but Kiwi has that built-in
    • Smart HTTPS - for additional privacy (unfortunately Kiwi doesn't do this, like Brave does (my previous mobile browser) - every browser should have this as an option)

    Which are just 5 of my 12 extensions on desktop.

    What are yours?

  • I've been using Firefox for Android in the past, because I thought I needed extension. But I was wrong, I don't.

    Password managers generally have very good apps for mobile, an extension in a browser is superfluous – because these apps provide browser support anyway. Adblock would be another good reason – but on mobile it's the far better solution to keep ads out via hosts file – and the additional inbuilt adblocking some mobile browsers provide is generally enough in combination.

    You might think this or this would be nice, but it's all a hassle. For example I ran ublock for a very long time in Firefox, but I couldn't really be bothered to update it – the interface was horrible. After all it was written for desktop, not for mobile. And herein lies the whole problem – the extension are written for desktop first, especially on chrome web store, and they translate badly over to mobile.

    I know people will hate this, but I'd say it doesn't make sense bothering to provide support for extensions. I have a completely different view about userscripts and bookmarklets though – and this is far more interesting… Vivaldi could provide support for both. The advantage is you load bookmarklets when you need them on a page, or you have userscripts, which run in the background and do their stuff – no interaction needed. That's what I would be looking into if it was my call anyway.

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    @luetage I run ublock origin and https everywhere in firefox android.

    I agree that the interfaces aren't built for mobile, but I take a more set-it-and-forget-it approach to these two extensions.

    In a desktop I micromanage what resources run using uBlock Origin, but on firefox android, I'm happy to rely on filters alone. And thankfully Https everywhere "just works".

  • Adguard plus and Roboform

  • @LordOfTheNet both adblock and ublock? but why?

  • @LordOfTheNet said in What extensions you'd like to use on mobile browser?:

    you do know there are item in each that the other doesn't have, right?

    no, I don't know and this is what I'm asking about. Can you list the features that one has and another don't?

  • Privacy Badger - syncing with the data file from my desktop

    Ad Block Plus or uBlock

    and the extension that I'm developing which supports a mobile user interface by having a a moveable, partialy transparent icon which allows you to get the features up

  • -uBlock Origin

    -uBlock Origin Extra

    -Cookie Autodelete: It doesn't work on Kiwi Browser yet, but I submitted a bug report so hopefully it gets fixed soon.

    -NoScript: Works well in combination with uBlock. Use it partly because I haven't had time to learn how to use and configure uMatrix (tips/resources would be appreciated!).

    -Floccus: (for syncing bookmarks cross platform, won't need it if Vivaldi has extension support on mobile, though, because then I'd switch from Kiwi)


    -HTTPS Everywhere

  • The absolute minimum:

    ublock origin

    • blocking ads

    duckduckgo privacy essentials

    • blocks trackers
    • https everywhere

  • The core-set I use on Kiwi Browser - which I would like to use on Vivaldi Mobile too:

    • nano adblocker
    • nano defender
    • pagezipper
    • vivaldi forum mod
    • UA switcher for chrome

    So I'd use only 5 extension on mobile whereas I'm around ~18 on vivaldi desktop.

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    I would use only Decentraleyes and my own extension ScriptJäger.

    Trackers I already block system-wide with a hosts list.

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    Hola VPN Proxy

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    @oleksandrmalyk92 said in What extensions you'd like to use on mobile browser?:

    Reverso Context
    Hola VPN Proxy

    Be careful with Hola, it was reported several times, because it uses the users' IPs, which it simply exchanges, instead of using public servers use the bandwidth of the users themselves. If you do not want a drug lord to do his misdeeds, using your IP, switch better to another VPN.
    If you want a free VPN on Android, use Windscribe free (10 Gb / month free) or ProtonVPN, which has no data limit, although only 3 servers in the free version.

  • I would add:

    • Imagus (show hovered image at their true scale, can be useful to have a better look at certain images)

    • aha music (like Shazam but for tabs, also it only works on chrome 😕 )

    • colorzilla (to pick color from pages, you never know how much this feature is useful until you need it)

    • simple auto scroll ( allow scrolling through pages at an adjustable speed, good for Reddit or 9gag)

    • auto refresh ( this one reload pages automatically at a certain rate, I use it for when I do simple html to have a quick "live" preview of what I am doing)

    • Speed test (allow you to measure the speed of your connection providing you with your ping, the one of the page you are currently on and your downloading speed)

    • honey (this one is well known but I will still tell that it tries coupons codes when you are buying things online)

    • improved YouTube (this one is a personal choice, I think that the default design and options of YouTube are not customizable enough, with this extension, you can edit a good amount of parameters and options that will enhance YouTube)

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