Helper in address bar so stupid.

  • Hey. First i want to say about address bar helper, which shows my sites when i start typing web-address: it's too slow. Only after 3rd symbol. Also when i typed 3 symbols i should wait about 500ms (other browser shows tips instantly). So annoying. Secondly i want to say and add it to wishlist: what V offers/make suggestions for me when i typing in address field. Example: i have bookmark with address I use that address too rare therefore it in my bookmarks. But i often use, which is not added to my bookmarks, coz for me faster enter "tra" in address field and open site. Now i got a problem: i open translater several times per day and didn't open transport24 last month, but when i typing "tra" V autocontinue address to WTF? WHY? Why V doesn't show from history which i use very often and doesn't show bookmark below in suggestions?


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