• ...I have been using the Internet since it was accessible by the public and have been on many forums and blogs over the years..Vivaldi is gradually improving to become a beautiful site....I am aware how expensive it.can be to develop a social site or a blogger site but one of the main ingredients for any site are the notifications which I see a lack here at the moment....It would be great to get notifications after commenting on any blog or blog pictures about other comments and also to get notifications if a friend posts or comments on other blogs... As for the moment we have to chase our comments and that of our friends.Thank you for considering this as a addition to Vivaldi...

  • I entirely agree with abcde. BTW, I love your avatar.

  • @JamesD:

    I entirely agree with abcde…


  • As Fonzie would say … EXACTAMUNDO!
    Not having notifications is almost like the USS Enterprise not having Dilithium Crystals or Marty McFly's Delorean not having a Fluxing Capacitor.

    HUGE problem!

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