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    So I'll just leave this here...

    I've got a daughter who will soon be 40. She's married, kids, self-employed with her hubby, etc. She grew up a math whiz, tho never terribly intuitive with language, and handwriting at least as bad as mine (my other daughter was an English whiz, flowing hand, and all that). So ennyway, when she was about 17, I talked my then-boss at the law firm where I worked into letting me hire her as my assistant. I needed an assistant, she could handle the work, and she'd be a cheap hire. Well, she was my assistant for about two weeks. Soon, she was doing data entry (we were converting from Win 3.1 to Win 95 and from a hand-coded client files database to a commercial product, because the old database literally ran out of room and could not be expanded - and ALL of the data had to be hand-entered by clerks from the old database into the new), fixing the phones and the copiers, etc. She was never my assistant again. Eventually she was the firm's IT pro.

    Well, the high-dollar trainer who was teaching us the new data management system started to show my daughter how to enter data. In a matter of minutes, she was typing data in so fast that she was jumping from one text entry field to the next before the screen could refresh, and the trainer kept trying to get her to stop and wait because she could not see that the data was being correctly entered. What I'm saying is, my daughter, with just the index and middle fingers and thumb of each hand can type faster than I can think - and faster than the Win 95 computer could display her work, and that's with no training. She can still work a keyboard that fast, and error-free.

    She might be able to benefit from a lightning-fast browser if there were such a thing - 'cause really, nothing can keep up with her. 🙂

  • Using an extension manager as "our" Extension Control or Nooboss with custom rules to unload extensions.
    Especially useful for people which have a lot of extensions only used on few sites.
    By the way, analytics for the last one are on by default.

  • @Hadden89 Extension Control is great. It has just the right amount of functionality, tucked into a streamlined interface. I used to have the extensions internal page as a panel, but no longer need that with this installed. I find the panel to be extremely useful in many of my workflows; it takes a really well made tool for me to replace a panel, and this did.

    I like to keep the number of extensions I have installed to a minimum. This one is so useful that I have kept it even as I regularly reevaluate my extensions and remove what's unnecessary or doesn't significantly improve my experience. This one isn't necessary, but it's a significant improvement in usability if you enable, disable or configure extension options with any regularity.

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    @Hadden89 , I don't trust NooBoss by viewing permissions, sites where it sends data and history, and that comes from Amazon, without any references but a mail in the About page

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