Auto-hide overlay panel after mouse-out X time pass

  • Currently, the auto-close overlay panel isn't really automatic because it still require user to click on something to unfocused from the panel. This behavior pretty much defeated the purpose of auto-close, because user can achieve the same effect by click on the active panels' button.

    I suggest:

    1. Add optional mouseout trigger to auto-hide the .panel-group after X time pass, this will eliminate the need to click on elsewhere in order to hide the panel. These clicks all add up overtime & it will make browsing much pleasant for those who prefer hidden panel most of the time.

    2. Add optional auto-hide to #switch so that we can have more screen space for webpage by hiding the entire panel. Activation zone can be top/middle/bottom edge of the window. Something like this:

    This is not a difficult feature to implant, here is a CSS mod I come up with, which can already do what I suggested with overlay panel plus auto-close enabled:

    /* automate overlay panel */
    #panels-container.right.overlay:focus-within:not(:hover) .panel-group {transform:translateX(calc(34px + 100%)); transition: .15s 1s !important;}
    #panels-container.left.overlay:focus-within:not(:hover) .panel-group {transform:translateX(calc(-34px - 100%)); transition: .15s 1s !important;}
    #panels-container.overlay:not(:focus-within) .panel-group {transition:none;}
    /* automate switch button */
    #panels-container.overlay {max-width:0;}
    #panels-container.overlay #switch {height:100%; width:34px; transition: .1s 0s !important;}
    #panels-container.overlay:not(:hover) #switch {position:fixed; z-index:1; max-height:68px; max-width:7px; opacity:0; transition: .15s 1s !important;}


    1. Point at the top left/right corner of the webpage (below Addressbar) will reveal the #switch;

    2. Mouseout the panel for 1 second will autohide the entire panel;

    3. If click on something else (or unfocused) when panel is active, it will close immediately like default behavior.

    Thanks for your support.

  • This CSS mod is only good for primary mouse user, but it's kinda broken when combo with keyboard usage. And there are nothing i can do about it because of the limitation of CSS. Example: F4 can't evoke a "visible" panel immediately if the mouse pointer aren't hover over the activation zone.

    This is the reason I think such features can only be implement into the browser perfectly by Vivaldi developers.

    Thanks for your time & support.

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