Regarding thumbnails in speed dial

  • Hi, I know this was repeated many times, anyway every time I start the browser the thumbnails are empty till I press reload But at least it works after I press reload while I read it doesn't for other users Anyway I didn't open the thread just because of that: I have an another question which I never read about. Vivaldi pic from the blog: [img][/img] How can I get those Google, Youtube, Vivaldi, Facebook etc thumbnails? In my browser when I press reload I just get a preview of the page, but I don't get those icons which are nice Is there any way to get them?

  • Those icons are inside the application folder.

    You can find more infos about the matter here

  • Oh I got it.
    I thought they had kind of service with all those icons for almost every website.
    So I just gotta change the thumbnails with the ones in Vivaldi's folder

    Thank you

  • Yay I made my own thumbnails, it looks much better now !
    And no problem of losing my thumbs, they're always there at every start, no need to reload, no fear of losing them cleaning the cache


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