Power consumption

  • Hi. Yesterday I tried testing having Safari and Vivaldi opened in OS X Yosemite with the same tabs. On Vivaldi I turned off running plugins automatically. After some 30 minutes Safari was showing a power consumption of 0,8 while Vivaldi was at a 3,6 level. That's 4 x higher. My question is: is Vivaldi thinking about implementing better power management mechanisms? I mainly use my MBP with the battery and therefore power consumption is of the utmost importance. Thank you. Pedro

  • Moderator

    The version of Vivaldi is only Alpha (testing) state.
    In future Snapshot or Beta version this power consumption issues wll be checked.

    Please feel free to report bugs at https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/

  • Thank you Gwen-Dragon.
    Looking forward to V's beta and snapshot releases. Hopefully extensions support and power consumption optimization are in a very near future.


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