Power consumption

  • Hi. Yesterday I tried testing having Safari and Vivaldi opened in OS X Yosemite with the same tabs. On Vivaldi I turned off running plugins automatically. After some 30 minutes Safari was showing a power consumption of 0,8 while Vivaldi was at a 3,6 level. That's 4 x higher. My question is: is Vivaldi thinking about implementing better power management mechanisms? I mainly use my MBP with the battery and therefore power consumption is of the utmost importance. Thank you. Pedro

  • The version of Vivaldi is only Alpha (testing) state.
    In future Snapshot or Beta version this power consumption issues wll be checked.

    Please feel free to report bugs at https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/

  • Thank you Gwen-Dragon.
    Looking forward to V's beta and snapshot releases. Hopefully extensions support and power consumption optimization are in a very near future.

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