Cross Profile Tab Sharing

  • Please consider these user stories:

    While in a profile designated Workflow-A, actions for Workflow-B are carried out and you'd like to move the tab from Workflow-A to Workflow-B.

    You have a template profile designated Workflow-A which you'd like to use to create a profile designated Workflow-B.

    You being work on a project in your default profile but at some point you decide that a group of Tabs should be considered in their own profile and therefore you want to create new profile from those tabs.

    Two or more profiles should be able to live in the same window while being switched about through the profile icon (Like Right click or the command could be configurable).

    Or Two or more profile should be able to live in the same window each in their own sort of Tab-Stack like control.

    To return so some semblance sanity, an ability to lock a profile either from contamination (receiving new tabs) or leaking - (tabs being produced for another profile to consume) or both.

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