Provide Different Options For Tab Cycling By Mouse & Tab Cycling By Keyboard

  • TLDR: Provide 2 individual options for Tab Cycling by Mouse & Tab Cycling by Keyboard. Both Mouse & Keyboard should have their own "Cycle In Recently Used Order" & "Cycle in Tab Order" options.

    My only problem with the Mouse Tab Cycler (Right Click + Scroll) is that is follows the rules set for "Ctrl + Tab" and this makes using Tab Cycling by Mouse weird and hard for me.

    My "Ctrl + Tab" uses the "Cycle in Recently Used Order" option which has been the best option for "Ctrl + Tab" since Opera days but when using the Tab Cycler with Mouse I really like the order to be from Left to Right (Like in Firefox or Chrome).

    This is because if I use the "Right Click + Mouse Scroll" for Tab Cycling the Tabs switch haphazardly in the Recently used order style and this makes it really hard for me to keep track of the cycling since the tabs keep jumping in weird orders (based on my last visits to these tabs) and I can't control it.

    If I wanted to Cycle Tabs with the Mouse and move to the third tab from the current one, I couldn't do it easily! This can be achieved Only by changing the Tab Cycling option from "Recently Used Order" to "Tab Order" But then I don't want to do that since it affect my "Alt + Tab" behavior.

  • I think the most useful approach to this would be to expose a bunch of commands and allow different ways of activation to trigger different commands, i.e. for commands that would make:

    • Previous/Next in Recently Used Order
    • Previous/Next in Recently Used Order (No Cycler)
    • Previous/Next in Tab Bar Order
    • Previous/Next in Tab Bar Order (No Cycler)

    Then, on top of the already possible keyboard customisations, it'd be nice to have options to customise which command to use for:

    • Scroll over tab bar (although I'd argue that it doesn't make sense to have anything different than tab bar order & no cycler there)
    • Alt + Scroll
    • RMB + Scroll

    That would IMO make this feature complete and close to perfect (until more ideas come to mind 😃 ).


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