[Feature Request] No icons - Open last session…

  • This browser is the best i ever saw in my live. But those little things annoy me 😞 1. Links in folders dont have icons http://i.imgur.com/nxnMAz4.png 2. An option in the menu to restore the last session on click (Like in Firefox) 3. Ways to move buttons like reload, home etc. Thats all 🙂

  • Can i get an answer pls? 😞

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    Can i get an answer pls? 😞

    Each of your feature requests has been mentioned somewhere between a few times and a bunch of times in the already-existing "Vivaldi Feature Requests" topic.

    Each of them are items which have been planned from the beginning to be incorporated in the browser during the natural course of development. Bookmarks are far from finished. When they are finished, there will be favicons wherever there are bookmarks. Sessions have not been implemented. They will be implemented. Customizing like being able to add, subtract, move elements in the user interface is at the very heart of this development effort. More options to customize arrive with almost every snapshot. Full skinning and things like moving buttons will be incorporated as the developers are able to get to them, as such features are not trivial. They require tons of coding.

    I suspect some basic functionality features (like private browsing, extensions, email) may be in line ahead of some less critical items.

  • Thank you for those infos ❤


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