Adjust the Speed Dial size – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1511.4

  • I think the extensions are causing the browser to freeze all the time when loading multiple tabs. I had to hide my extension to have a smooth, snappy browser experience

  • @archive1: extensions I'm using are
    lastpass, enchaner for youtube, ublock origin, zebra rss, close duplicate tab, recursive bookmark sorter

  • I've reported this regression: when downloading a file, the download requester asks "save", "save as", "open" but all 3 just act as save, in default location without asking the destination or opening the file once downloaded. Regression in this snapshot. Can anyone confirm?
    Summary: Download "save as" and "open" just save in default location
    Key: VB-51913

  • I really like small speed dials.

  • yay, the speed dial resize was on my wishlist
    only thing left is built in rss that match old opera's rss

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    Here are the changes to flags with the new engine:

    #single-tab-mode -> #focus-mode
    #infinite-session-restore -> #session-restore-prioritizes-background-use-cases

    The biggest casualty for me is the new "modern" video controls are here to stay and can't be disabled by a flag any more. They're ugly and take up too much space. So sad.

    Stirrings of optimisation in the backend, with new flags for decoder stuff and web content occlusion.

    New web tech coming into full force with flags for the filesystem API. Should be useful for cloud storage sites like mega. And the re-done apps page flag now matches the ui style use din the rest of chrome.

    Internally to vivaldi we have more syncable settings:


    Dev tools changelog is here:

    Pages being laggy when tiled is still an issue, as it has been for the past little while. Inspecting extension pages causes a crash still. I was kind of hoping an engine upgrade would fix those, but I guess not.

    The new bigger speed dials looks good! Though I'll need to spend some time re-rendering my custom thumbnails at a higher resolution. The default thumbnails for vivaldi look a bit better now. The animated one was nice, but was a bit much after the first time you see it.

    I'll keep an eye out for any more issues, particularly on that strange one with some tabs taking a long time to re-render after switching to them.

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    @PardusPars After the update, all the default folders reappeared and the Speed Dial folder was double. Has it already been reported?

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    @ruario The VB-46052 - "Links do not work properly in Tile Tabs" is also back. Is this already part of the Known Issues you mentioned?

  • @LonM said in Adjust the Speed Dial size – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1511.4:

    The biggest casualty for me is the new "modern" video controls are here to stay and can't be disabled by a flag any more. They're ugly and take up too much space

    yeah, that's unfortunate, but at least there seems to be no big play icon in the middle of the movie when it's paused, like is was before.

  • @iAN-CooG Indeed. I'm using Windows 7 and Vivaldi x64.

  • Print/print preview seems to be broke again on eBay item pages. And it was just finally fixed on a recent snapshot!

  • @ian-coog: yes, its absolutely broken. 😞 "Save As" don't work in this version, but "Save link As" work good.

  • stopped working, probably because of the Chromium upgrade. I'm trying "User-Agent Switcher" to workaround, but not working either.

  • @derday: Try closing the tab and opening a new one.

  • @derday: Try closing the tab and opening a new one.

  • @gwen-dragon: Your elaborated solution worked for me, thanks, but I'm wondering if is it fair to Vivaldi.

  • EDIT nevermind, that was on the first run after install only on debian. seems ok now
    The right click on a bookmark on the bookmark bar doesn't open a context menu.

  • @gwen-dragon: Google has not updated that extension in almost 2 years (it is missing IE 11 UA string and it does not always work). It is in the developer tools to mask the browser but last I tried it was not easy to find.

  • This SS seems good so far, new SD functions are nice thanks Devs, no regressions wrt my normal workflow noticed so far. One trivial oddity [albeit NOT a problem per se] was that after launching this SS first time, i was not still logged into my two usual fora [V & Manjaro; no passwords were lost, so i got back in straight away, it's just that this had not occurred on prior updates]. Oh yeah, like already posted above by @Folgore101 i also had the return-to-life of the default SD entries, x2.

  • Occasionally the problem with the extensions-own drop-down menu is back, especially when logging in, but I cannot find a way to reproduce it credibly. Eventually (but I haven't found out how) everything returns to normal. Look at the images: this what I see in place of the drop-down menus

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