Things that annoy me daily … (and should be fixed before TP4) ... and you?

  • Hi everbody, maybe we can collect bugs that we are confronted with on a daily basis ... the super annoying things. Bugs that, frankly, would make us switch the browser if we didn't really like the dev team so much, so that the guys can improve their browser before a wider audience takes a second look at the browser when they go TP4 oder Beta. I hope this will help them prioritize their efforts. This should not be feature requests - but the bugs that make the interaction with the browser difficult on a regular basis. For me, for example, that's: Daily [b]annoyers[/b]: [ul] [li]- address bar has delay and changes suggestion between the moment I decide to hit ENTER and the moment I hit ENTER[/li] [li]- address bar makes really bad suggestions: I type "you" - and geht a specific youtube-link, I add the "t" for "yout" and get[/li] [li]- address bar should default to what I am typing and not something that is from my history (especially if it is such a bad suggestions like above)[/li] [li]- when disabling the "open download pane automatically" the feedback that something is downloading is near unperceivable, I thus have no feedback for clicking on download-links.[/li] [/ul] And if there were essential [b]features[/b] - that I miss daily - and I would push for a beta that would be: [ul] [li]- lazy tab loading: Extremely annoying when a few youtube videos start playing at the same time, when I open up the browser [/li] [li]- Mac: missing trackpad support for swipe/pinch movements which is standard for Mac users and feels restrictive when missing[/li] [/ul] Btw. I am on a MacBook Retina and current OS Yosemite and didn't change the theme of Vivaldi. I am aware that these things have been reported before.

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    The only thing that really annoys me is people whining about unfinished software (or even allegedly final versions, because no software is ever perfect).

    What right do you have to make demands on the developers? Just report issues that you would like to be fixed as a high priority, and we will happily support you if we agree that these are essential fixes, but before TP4? Come on! .It's almost out of the door already, and AFAIK there are no critical issues that need fixing. Does it crash every time you visit a particular web page, or lose your personal data if you do something?

    Sure, there are things that are not right yet — it's a technical preview, but I don't expect to be able to use it as my default browser yet. As it is, it's already a perfectly usable browser for browsing sites that don't work in Opera 12.17 (my default browser).

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  • Demands? Really? This is about being constructive and supporting devs and a product I care about. Keep your problems with people whining out of my thread.

  • @tyan:

      • lazy tab loading: Extremely annoying when a few youtube videos start playing at the same time, when I open up the browser

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    My daily annoyance is just that - an annoyance.

    For the longest time, the back button on Vivaldi didn't return you to the same location on the page where you left off. Neither did reload, usually. Then about three builds ago, both usually returned you to the same spot on the page.

    Now, both functions return you to a sort of "anchor point" on the page, irrespective of where you were when yo left.

    I just wish both "back" and "reload" landed you back where you were on the page, in all instances.

    • when opening links from other apps, these either don't open or open in a different vivaldi window than that gets the focus

  • the remove from tab stack button doesn't work 😞


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