Fuzzy Fonts Snapshot

  • I've tried searching for an answer to fixing fuzzy fonts and it seems that everyone mentions disabling DirectiWrite. However, that option isn't underneath my vivaldi://flags. Is this something windows specific, as that is the place I keep seeing it mentioned as a fix. Edit: upgraded to snapshot 219 and still same issue.

  • Yes direct write is a Win only thing

    This is likely applicable to Vivaldi, but likely the way to change it varies across the distros and the DE used.


    Anyway this is a Chromium problem, Vivaldi just inherits it, so should be easier to search for chromium font problems, and then try the suggested solutions on Vivaldi.

  • Thanks for the reply. I'll look around and see what I can find, however, I've attached a screenshot comparing the same webpage on chromium and vivaldi. So not sure what I will find. But fonts in chromium do look slightly fuzzy when compared to firefox so there might be something there. Thanks again.


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