Pls improve compatibility with 3dmark

  • 3dmark has problem with displaying results when vivaldi is set as default browser, could you please contact with futuremark and work together on changing it? Here is steam thread where i pointed to them this problem as well:

  • Moderator

    This is probably a problem with Vivaldi as it has a bug where if it's not open it won't display a page called from some other application.

    You can also try opening the Metro settings panel and set Vivaldi as default there.

  • FYI, note in the FM_Jamis Steamcommunity post directly above spectatorx's post there that FM_Jamis has observed that Chrome can cause a similar kind of problem because it "doesn't set itself properly for other applications to start". In that case, the problem may be carrying into Vivaldi via the chromium/Blink engine itself (derived from Chrome). The Blink developers may be the best place to communicate the bug information.


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