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  • can I forward my emails to another email account like Google?

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    You should do that in Settings with a Filter which can redirect a mail.
    But currently the webmail filters do not work in Vivaldi Webmail 😞

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    Bumping this as I was going to ask the same question.
    Vivaldi webmail obviously has a long way to go.. I could see a lot of ppl wanting to make use of the extra email address but wanting to handle their emails in gmail. I was hoping to be able to set up a rule to receive all my email in gmail. I can send emails from vivaldi mail in gmail, but will not receive that way.

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    Yes, as "Forwarding" is possible.

    2019-09-25 23.35.04 33ce79ada736.png

    Has worked for me.
    If you forward as attachment you can compose first then the letter is forwarded as an attachment to your message.

    If you want to "Redirect" all your V-emails to another account that is a completely different matter. You may have to wait for M3.

  • @greybeard I think what we are discussing here is that One sets up a filter + forwarding email address. And automatically all mails matching the filter get forwarded to another e-mail account (ideally owned by the vivaldi email user).

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    @donraj Ohh. OK, my misunderstanding.

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