To whom did you introduce Vivaldi today?

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    My coworkers (500+ Employees).

    I've got a few of them on board of our little string ensemble 🎻 😉

  • @jon One of the problems I have now when recommending Vivaldi to other people is that they feel just fine using chrome. Vivaldi today still has some bugs here and there, and when my friends switch to it, suddenly amazon prime video is not working for them anymore, suddenly a chat window on HSBC is not working anymore, they will just switch back -- why not just use what everyone uses and save all the trouble.

    I use Vivaldi, because I hate big monopolies manipulating their power on the internet. I don't think the majority of people care about that.

    In terms of all the customizable features, they're nice, but many of them require some time to get used to before they become part of the habit. So they don't outweigh the bugs for most new users.

  • @chenyf I think the same way, you read my mind.

  • Well, I haven't yet shared Vivaldi by assuring offline. I just wrote a post in Manjaro OS forum about what browser I use. Aaaand some guy replied me in the topic that he started to use Vivaldi again. Other guy, looking at the thread's posts about Vivaldi uses, said that he hadn't heard of Vivaldi browser before this thread, but after reading about V he's gonna to try it.

    The thread looks good for us, it contains nice share of Vivaldi users' glad posts. It seems Manjaro users and Vivaldi users have something in common, heh, at least @Steffie :).

  • This is how I advertise Vivaldi Browser in the MusicBee Forum:

    2019-10-20 09_40_10-Greenshot.jpg

    2019-10-20 09_40_25-Greenshot.jpg

  • I have been using this outstanding browser on my desktop for some time now and cannot imagine using any other browser. I use a Android phone. I was doing my happy dance when Vivaldi launched its Android browser. It synced with my desktop perfectly. A thousand Kudos to Jon and his very talented team for once again achieving perfection. This brings me to my point. Many of my friends and associates have iphones. They are synced to their desktop browsers. They will not consider Vivaldi because they cannot sync it to their iphones. Jon, when Vivaldi launches its iphone app I can promise you several new users.

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    In a forum debate, where they asked for an information source, showing in response a screenshot of Vivaldi with different pages in splitscreen and the open webpanel with the news. It caused its effect.

  • To not sound obtuse i introduced myself which is a good start i suppose.
    I think the problem is getting people to "stay" with a software product and that is a big hurdle.
    People like familiarity and are weary of anything new.

    You can take the horse to water but he may not wish to drink.

    The human constitution is an oddfellow and can be set in their ways especially as older years arise.

  • I have an suggestion how you could get a couple of thousands new users. I don't know how much work it would take for porting V to Lomiri(former Unity). Because you already have ported it to the Raspberry Pi. I am using Ubuntu Touch(Lomiri) on an old Nexus 5 and there is not much to compete with if you would port V to this platform or maybe to PostmarketOs too. Perhaps become the default browser. Here is some useful links: and

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