I found bug...: Missing tabbar after Youtube fullscreen

  • Good day for all.

    Tabs on the left.
    View video from YouTube.
    Click - Video on fullscreen.
    View... view...
    Making a gesture - Close Page (top-bottom-right).
    Tabs on left NOT Visibled.
    I press F11 (Vivaldi FullScreen) and press F11 again (windowed mode) - Tabs visibled.

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    Should be fixed in 2.4.1488.36

  • Thanks

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    @HanGMaaN Does it work now for you with 2.4.1488.36?

  • @Gwen-Dragon I still have this problem, have had it for a very very long time now. For me the tab bar does not return even if I F11 twice.
    Only way to get the tab bar back for me is to go to Settings -> Tabs and change to a different setting for tab bar position and change it back to my default (Left). I know I should have reported this bug earlier but I am a really lazy person and I usually put up with a lot but this bug have been happening way to long now.
    I really love Vivaldi and have used it since the tech preview but this bug has really started to drive me nuts, would really help if there was a keyboard shortcut to flip thru the tab bar position between the 4 available options, since that way you could quickly fix it.

    I am running 2.5.1525.43 (Stable channel).

  • It can happen if you press Ctrl+F11 while in fullscreen, then F11 to exit fullscreen.

    There is no tab bar in Chromeless mode (Toggle UI).

  • @Pesala I never really use F11 or Ctrl+F11 when a video is in full-screen. This mostly happens when I click the button in the video bar to exit full-screen, double click the video or use a gesture to close the tab that is the full-screen video, also when the tab bar disappears and I toggle the UI (Ctrl+F11) all of the UI goes away and comes back except for the tab bar.

    In fact I just pressed Ctrl+F11 to remove the UI and pressed it again to bring the UI back on this site while writing this (not full-screen) and the tab bar disappeared but the rest of the UI is rendered fine so this seems to happen even without a full-screen video.

  • I now have managed to find a way to do this all the time by opening a new tab and load any site, then press Ctrl+F11 to toggle UI off then Ctrl+F11 to toggle UI on again and all of the UI comes back except for the tab bar.

  • @alkufai I cannot reproduce the issue on 2.5.1525.48 (Stable channel).

    Check for updates, then try again.

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    This bug is repaired internally.

  • I updated to latest and still can reproduce the problem. Tried disabling all addons as well. I also tried it on my MacBook Pro (no profile syncing) and could recreate it there also. So the bug seem to happen on both Windows 10 and OS X for me.

    I did a last resort test by installing latest snapshot as a standalone to start fresh and I can't seem to recreate the bug there, so something most be wrong with both my installs on Windows and OS X.

    I will try to change the snapshot install to match the normal install one step at a time to see if there is a combination of settings that are causing it. If I find anything I'll report it here.

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    @alkufai Like I said, "internally." It was fixed in today's internal test version. It is not released to Snapshot yet.

  • @Ayespy Sorry, did not see your post when I posted. Looking forward to try it out.

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