Sending url to existing minimised window steals focus

  • Until recently, sending a link to a running browser (via "vivaldi <url>") did not change focus, if the browser was minimised. Since updating to 2.4.1488.35, the browser window instead is restored and given focus.

    This is very annoying, for example, if I try to send several links to open from, say, an RSS reader.

    Old behaviour: if the browser window was in the background, it was raised and given focus. If it was minimised, the link was "silently" opened without restoring the window or raising it.

    Now: the window is always restored, raised and given focus.

    Hopefully, this is considered to be a bug and will be fixed quickly - but if it's not... is there a command line switch to open an url in the background? Is there a list of all supported command line switches? I did not find a man page for vivaldi.

    (I'm using the 64 bit version on Mint 17.1 Mate)

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  • Thx, but I knew that one. That's a list of all engine switches. I can't find any related switches for that topic in the list (except for --new-window), but that's not too surprising, IMO. I'd expect window management to be part of the vivaldi-specific code, not part of the rendering core.

  • btw, this issue is still unresolved.

  • Sounds like a window manager issue. You are using Mate? Maybe look into what changed there.

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