Closed window not showing up in "window" tab

  • I use vivaldi because I like to keep 200+ tabs open at a time often split up in two windows on two different screens.
    Just now one window was in the mode that happens when you press f11, my f9-f12 keys are broken so this wasn't from my keyboard at least. When i open up on-screen-keyboard and use it to press f11 the window closes and I cant restore it in the window tab. I know you can normally restore it from here because randomly when I close a tab, the whole window closes. In the past I thought me losing a window was from me closing it when I went to bed and forgot to restore it fast enough, but just now it seems it just doesn't register as having been closed.

    I know this is like 4 problems baked into one but hopefully me mentioning them will make them be logged somewhere.

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